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Extar EP9 Glock Mag PCC Decent Budget Gun
« on: June 30, 2020, 03:43:57 AM »
I was impressed for the money- figured I'd pass it on.

SO I helped a young man who decided to get a firearm for HD. He had a crowd of 400 walk in front of his apartment to inspire him. All went well but it dawned on him he'd like something for HD. He's also on a lean budget, but liked my Glock mag PCC he had some range time with. Fast forward- he can't afford, didn't want a pistol, found this thing.

I came across the Extar EP9 at $419 (its gotta run like a Tec-9 right?) But reviews said otherwise. Part of their savings is they do not sell to distributors, nor offer dealer pricing. However,  we found a LGS that bought them direct, offered with a modest mark up. Fair and happy to support LGS. $485 out the door w tax vs + shipping FFL fees (and finding them in stock)

 It checked so many boxes. We had to try out.

Glock mag compatible (came with Magpul G17)
Bolt hold Open!
Non-reciprocating Side charger
AR trigger controls
Steep angle pistol grip (B5 brand)
Brace included (SB Tactical brand)
Compensator threaded 1/2x28
4 pounds

I donated an older Holosun and we ran 350-400 115 gr Magtech brass without a hiccup. Its 6" bbl kept pretty tight groups at 25'. Thats as far as we went but it was keeping them all in a half dollar circle by the end. We used Magpul 17, 27 rounders and Glock 33 rounder. 

Small details gave me the impression they put some thought into it. For example, A slightly heightened picatiny, little ribs inside the mag well to help clean out crap, extended trigger guard. Steep angled pistols grip, not just a chicken wing angled stock grip. Also the buffer was heavier than an just an H2, with a heavier spring. (Yay they did it right)

CONS: Lots of proprietary stuff going on and also lots of plastic. The trigger is a decent stiff single stage but the hammer is metal covered in poly. He will update it cause I don't like poly hammer/9mm blowback in same sentence. The area of the D ring gets very hot. (Life hack: don't hold it there).

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