Author Topic: Tuesday with the Savage 22 and Stag Arms 2T at 100 yards  (Read 142 times)

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Tuesday with the Savage 22 and Stag Arms 2T at 100 yards
« on: July 07, 2020, 12:03:17 PM »
Today was .22 rifle day.  First the pesky Savage.  I had trimmed my ghetto bedding job at the front end of the action to get the material under the barrel out and leave just the action bedding material.  10 shots and the zero shift was 2 inches high and 2 inches right.  Not a good sign.  Then I remove the action, added a 1/2" wide by 8 layer notebook paper sheet shim under the barrel and reinstalled and torqued the action bolts.  Shot another 10 rounds.  8" high, 8" right.  Twice.  The barrel is not tight in the action and it can move on its own.  The groups weren't too bad, but the gun is not acceptable in its current condition.  Next is to remove the two barrel locating pins and see if I can shim or glue the barrel in position tight enough so that it no longer moves. 

I always expect to be frustrated by the little Savage so I bring my StagArms 2T AR-15 and some IMI 55 gr ammo to shoot, knowing full well I will be happy when I leave the range.  Today was no different.  I only shot 10 rounds and on one of those the table got bumped so I shot one extra round at what I knew would be a pretty good group. 

So, a good day at the range.  Diagnosed the Savage finally, and confirmed the IMI ammo and the 2T are a good combination. 

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