Author Topic: P-10F at 100 yards in the mountains of New Mexico  (Read 139 times)

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P-10F at 100 yards in the mountains of New Mexico
« on: July 16, 2020, 05:31:35 PM »
The holdover at 100 yards for a 9mm pistol is different at 6000 feet above sea level than it is at 800 feet above sea level.  But I had the range all to myself, and the wind wasn't too bad, so I got to take my time and work the groups to the center of a B-8C target with just a 3 moa correction on the sight.  Here is a video of the best target, two 5 shot groups. 

I usually don't make any zero changes but the P-10F was zeroed at 25 yards in the Hill Country and I had to go down 3 clicks just to keep the aim point separated from the target.  Pretty sure I got it right without taking the time to zero the gun at the high altitude range. 

I was able to shoot many good groups today with pretty much all of the rounds on the B-8c target, just not necessarily centered while I was fiddling with the elevation and the wind.  I would have struggled at 200 with the variable wind today. 

I've shot the CZ pistols at 100 yards so often now that I think putting 10 rounds out of 10 in the black at 100 yards is a reasonable goal, not an outlandish one. 

Not sure what I will try tomorrow.  Maybe 200 or maybe the rifle at 500 m.  Depends on the wind.  I need a dead calm day to shoot 200 with the 9mm pistols.

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