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Hey all..
    Have a question for you. I have a CZ 40B in very good condition made in 2001. Original box...paperwork etc... even has a Colt Z40 pamphlet in the box (kinda cool) Anybody know what these are going for now? Ballpark?..  Thanks for any info


Location means a lot as far as resale value for “collectible” CZs. I can tell you I have seen one on a local Carolina forum that has sat @ $750 asking price for almost half a year and it is unfired with the box and even has the plastic the pistol shipped in.  I personally wouldn’t mind having one just cause they are interesting, but wouldn’t pay more than $500 for one. 

I have 2 X CZ 40Bs

Both I paid under 500 for in the last year.

Having all the information/box helps a lot and like  nonamehavei said it all depends on where you sell it.

Also you will need someone to want/know what the CZ 40B is to either pay up for it or at least whatever price you sell it for.

Both of mine where bought from smaller gun stores that really didn't know the story behind them and at the time (pre-corona panic) no one was buying 40S&W - so I got really good deals on both.

There is usually 1-2 CZ 40Bs on Gunbroker from time to time - I watch those and the actual Colt Z40s almost daily.

Is yours a flat slab slide or does it look like it has an indention in it? The indention was actual Colt Z40 rollmarked slides that they ground off and then rollmarked CZ 40B (or so rumor goes)- Both of mine are flat side so No pre Colt rolled and ground off.

But I have seen CZ 40B and 40P with the 'ground off and restamped slides'

I might pay more for one of those - just for the story. (if it is true :P)

Currently the CZ40B and 40P on gunbroker have this on the slides...

QuickDraw....not exactly sure what you are referring to when it comes to the slide....and I cant seem to attach a pic so you can look at it.


--- Quote from: EricR on July 19, 2020, 04:03:09 PM ---QuickDraw....not exactly sure what you are referring to when it comes to the slide....and I cant seem to attach a pic so you can look at it.

--- End quote ---

1st picture is of MY CZ 40B and Rami P 40 - Notice my 40B is smooth on the slide where the Rollmark is

Following 2 pictures are from Gunbroker ads of a 40B and 40P notice the red arrows point to a start/finish point where the slide is ground down some
From what I've read - they could of been Colt Rollmarked sildes - the whole colt/cz project fell through and they needed to be ground down and roll marked with CZ - BUT again - just internet rumors I've read here and there - I have no proof.
Again - it really doesn't add or take away from the value really - but someone might want because it has or doesnt have...


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