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The one rifle I never could get comfortable with is a Savage FCV (?), which is a .22 LR with a heavy barrel.  Mine has always been inconsistent and never really grouped well at all, as in 2" groups at 100 yards from a bench were about as good as I could get, and 3"-4"was common.  I could never discern "good" ammo from bad.   I was very close to buying an MTR and putting the Savage away for the grand kids.  Until today.

A few weeks ago, I asked a local gunsmith to check the bedding, the scope installation, the barrel to action fit, the stock, anything that might be a gremlin that I had missed.  A week later he reported that the action bedding needed to be redone and that the scope base contour didn't match the action radius.  I picked up the repaired rifle a week later and went to the range.  Gun was definitely more repeatable, but I still couldn't shoot a good group using the ammo from my stash.  My shooting buddy was testing ammo in his new MTR and he gave me a box of SK Rifle Match to try.  Ammo selection solved.  Got a few good groups that day with the SK ammo.  Norma Match, Aguila, several others had not shot well in my Savage rifle, even after the gunsmith fixes. 

I ordered 1k rounds of the SK ammo and it arrived on Tuesday so I got to shoot my own batch for the first time this morning, in the wind, but otherwise in excellent conditions.  100 yards, bench, bipod plus a rear squeeze bag.  Take a look at this 3 minute video. 

So with the ammo choice confirmed and the mechanical problems fixed, I actually get to learn to shoot the rifle.  I'm making progress on deciding what type of target I want to shoot at, and am favoring a 1-1.5" diamond in red or yellow for now.  The yellow tape works great as long as I ignore the holes and keep the crosshairs centered in the diamond and not on the group.  Can't wait to try the rifle again one more time this week. 

I really liked shooting my friend's MTR.  I think it is a better shooter out of the box than the Savage, and requires a lot less work and cost to achieve acceptable results.  But I never thought I would ever see the results I got today from the Savage.


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Re: Finally, some excellent results at 100 yards with the .22 rifle
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 Good to hear! Perseverance won out.