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Teaching some new shooters
« on: September 08, 2020, 09:18:39 AM »
I finally got a chance to fire my Beretta 92 22 conversion kit this past weekend. Took the LTT Elite, CZ P09 UG/SR and the 22 conv kit to the range for teaching some new shooters. It was an husband and wife in thier late 60s I was teaching. Husband had an M&P40. I suggested the wife did not fire it and give the CZ P09 a try. The 9mm CZ P09 was a little much for her to start with since she had never fired a gun before. I broke out the Beretta 22 kit and she loved it. It ran perfect overall. Only issues were ammon related where a round took a second trigger pull to fire. Really happy with this 22 kit! I bought it after I gave uo on finding a kadet kit for either my P09 or P07 and Beretta was having a sale.

I tell you what though, it has been a while since I fired a Beretta 92 and the P09 back to back. I really love both handguns, but the P09 is SO much more flat shooting and a softer recoil impulse.