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52 extended slide release
« on: September 23, 2020, 12:00:30 AM »

Being new to this forum but not new to CZ since I own 7, I am trying to find extended slide release levers for the cz52.  I have seen them in the past but don't know where to get them now.  While I am here, can someone tell me definatively if the 52 can safely fire the Mauser broomhandle round?  I have heard yes and no.  I have a goodly supply of 7.63 and don't own a broomhandle.  I have 2 ramis, 3 cz82s, and 2 cz52s.  I love cz.  They have the sweetest triggers, octagonal rifling, and really fit the hand well.  They are all accurate though the 52 grip angle takes some getting used to.  I love to take them to the range because every time somebody will want to know what kind of cannon I am shooting.  I have read enough negative comments on how difficult it is to shoot them accurately to know some do have trouble shooting these powerful little howitzers but having fired hundreds, if not thousands of rounds through mine, a torso at 100 yards is no problem.  I have found that military surplus ammo isn't nearly as accurate as the S&B I normally run through them.  In fact, unless you are very familiar with the head stamping on the surplus ammo, you could wind up with juiced rounds for sub guns and they can actually blow a 52 apart because they are  loaded substantially hotter than the pistol rounds.  Best to stay with newly produced rounds in the 1500-1600 fps range.  They can safely eat that all day long.  Hope someone can share a site with the extended slide releases.  Thx guys!!

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Re: 52 extended slide release
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2020, 09:20:08 PM »
No idea about parts.

The vz 52 can shoot all of the 7.63x25 Mauser you want to feed it. 7.62x25 Tokarev is basically 7.63 Mauser +P+. Don't ever go the other way - a Mauser C96 "Broomhandle" can't take the pressure of Tokarev ammo.
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Re: 52 extended slide release
« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2020, 01:25:17 AM »
Just do a google search - here's the first one I came up with using the search "cz 52 extended slide release."

Personally I don't see the need for it as the CZ 52 is easy enough to release the slide, plus, it ruins that nice, flat profile of the gun.

Yes, you can safely fire the lower powered 7.63 ammo *HOWEVER* if you've got a strong recoil spring the Mauser ammo might not be able to reliably cycle the gun resulting in all sorts of fun jams.

I got my CZ 52 back in the 90s when all you could get for them was the military surplus ammo and never had an issue with it.  They don't make different ammo for the SMGs and the pistols - it's all the same - the stories you're hearing about the military surplus ammo blowing up the gun are likely people using the CZ ammo in their Mauser as the Mauser can't handle the military surplus 7.62x25.  Remember, the Mauser 7.63 ammo tops off at around 1400 fps while the CZ 7.62 starts at that and can clock as high as 1800, but usually averages out around 1600 out of the pistols.

It could be possible that someone tried reloading the stuff and made it too hot, although with how hot the military surplus ammo is to begin with it's hard to imagine making it any hotter - I guess maybe use C4 instead of powder.  ;-)

To tell the difference between the three types of ammo, just grab a magnet -

Magnetic case and bullet - original military rounds - hot and corrosive - clean immediately after use.
Brass case and magnetic bullet - military bullets reloaded into brass - may or maynot be hot and may or maynot be corrosive.
Nothing magnetic - modern, commercial rounds - not the least bit hot and usually not corrosive.