Author Topic: Pretty good Holosun sales video if you want to see what your options are in 2021  (Read 449 times)

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I came across this video that covers the Holosun current line of red dots.   

I only have experience with the 507c, 507c-x2, and 507k-x2 but it is all been pretty good.  I still use Burris Fast Fire 3 3moa dots on my P-09 and 97 pistols and my only complaint with the Burris is not enough dot brightness adjustment steps.  The Holosun's have maybe 10 or 12 clicks in adjustment, and I routinely adjust the brightness on overcast gloomy days, the Burris has 3 and I wind up with the dot too bright or too dim on gloomy low contrast days. 
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I caught this video a while back, myself.  It is excellent and Luis (with Holosun) seems to really know his stuff.  He's a very knowledgeable rep for them.  IIRC, he's one of their design/engineer types.  This vid is def worth the time to sit down and give it a viewing.

I have two or three of their products, have recommended them to others and I will be buying more of their products. Just a satisfied customer.


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I have a 507 and  507 x2.  Love them both

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