Author Topic: Shooting eye good after laser procedure, MTR at 100 yards  (Read 276 times)

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Shooting eye good after laser procedure, MTR at 100 yards
« on: November 12, 2020, 01:48:41 PM »
I had some scar tissue lasered on Monday of this week and was seeing very well by Wednesday, but let the Veterans have the range on Wednesday, so this morning, Thursday, was the first time in a week to make it to the range.  No video, as all I was really interested in was how my dominant lasered eye was functioning.  Still a few floaters in view, but the eye was fine.  Still best view without my glasses until I get a prescription change to my progressives.  After that last step, my vision should be near perfect again.  One less excuse. 

I only shot 90 rounds, but two of the nine ten-shot groups were good, after I remembered not to grip the gun as tightly as I have to hold my .308 rifle.  The little CZ MTR shoots perfectly right out of the bag, no first round or cold shot drama.  I had forgotten to bring a couple of boxes of ammo inside overnight, so the SK Rifle Match was cold at first and hit low on the early targets, and settled back to zero by the ninth target.  I should have gone down the last 0.1 mil before shooting these two groups: 

This is what I like about this rifle--it is very consistent and predictable, unlike my Savage.  The CZ just shoots exactly where one would expect it to hit, right out of the bag.  I expected it to hit a little low with the cold ammo, and it did.  I expected some horizontal variation due to the strong wind, and I got it.  Ammo warmed up, groups moved up, and I had to back off the scope to where it should be with warm ammo. 

The technique item I confirmed today is that when I hold the gun too tightly against my shoulder, I get heartbeat disturbances in the sight picture and don't gain anything in stability.  I don't need to grip this rifle like the .308 rifle.  It seems that the lighter I grip it, the smaller the group.  I went from a 2" ten shot group today to the 1.3" ten shot groups just by lightly gripping the rifle and with little pressure in to my shoulder.  This is what I will work on in the next range visit, maybe on Friday, not sure yet. 

This is fun.  This is not easy.

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Re: Shooting eye good after laser procedure, MTR at 100 yards
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2020, 02:09:19 PM »
I knew you would like CZ rimfire rifles. Once you learn how not to get on its way, groups under 1" will become the norm. On the windless day, try it from prone position on 200m. You may be pleasantly surprised.