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Shadow 2 OR Format
« on: July 21, 2021, 07:55:14 PM »
As a new Shadow 2 Orange owner that is absolutely amazed at the custom fitting/finish/ACCURACY this pistol has "out of the box", I'm now planning for an Optics Ready version of the same.  Am currently competing in USPSA Production, and wish to try my hand at Carry Optics.

My question for those in the know is:  what model available from CZ USA or CZ Custom will give me the fit, finish, AND ACCURACY of the S2 Orange in the factory OR platform?

I'm well aware of the Shadow2 OR, but for my desired level of pistol I'm thinking the Shadow 2 ACCU OPTIC RDS may be on the same level?  Or will it take an OR version of the CZC A01-LD if such a pistol is available?

Being new to the CZ platform, I'm not really sure which model I should pursue to get an OR version of my S2 Orange............

Thank you for any feedback!

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Re: Shadow 2 OR Format
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2021, 11:11:26 PM »
Have you considered buying a second S2O and sending the slide off to get milled for the optic?  That way you know what you’re getting. 

I have a couple Black and Blue Shadow 2s that I shoot in Production as well as Carry Optics divisions. I did my own trigger jobs and I had both slides milled for the SRO to shoot in Carry Optics.  To shoot Production (i.e. Locap Nationals) I bought a complete upper, and stick that on one of the lowers. 

While I can appreciate the extra care and attention that went into the S2O, IMO the Black/Blue models with trigger job are just fine for USPSA-style shooting.  Accuracy is good enough for gun games, and both mine function flawlessly as long as I stay up on preventative maintenance that you have to do with any hard use gun.