Author Topic: Optics. What do you prefer?  (Read 6070 times)

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Re: Optics. What do you prefer?
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Re: Optics. What do you prefer?
« Reply #31 on: May 17, 2023, 02:35:58 PM »
 i have a Vortex optics

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Re: Optics. What do you prefer?
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I have ACRO's on my work pistols, including a CZ P07.  I upgraded to P2's for the battery life, but I just changed the P1's monthly and never had problems.

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Re: Optics. What do you prefer?
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I've got a 97 B which I had CGW mill to place my JPoint on. I also have an SW Shield Plus in 45 which came with a Crimson Trace, which, surprise, surprise is identical to my JPoint! Looking at a number of red dots prior to my original JPoint purchase, it appears that many have the same base. Perhaps the internal electronics are the differentiators.

I've found that placing my trigger finger on the weapon such that when I draw I'm pointing at the target minimizes the time to acquisition. Practicing that with dry fire at home makes range time much more useful.

For dry fire I've purchased one of those cheap chambering lasers which fire when the firing pin hits, along with a cheap laser target which lights up and counts hits. I've found a pathway in the home which is about 10 yards. The active area of the laser target is about 1.5" in diameter. It's really tightened up my groups at the range.
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Re: Optics. What do you prefer?
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R-301, G7 - 2x bruiser. Good for mid-range and not useless at close range.

R-99, Wingman - 1x HCOG. Simple red dot for precise shots. Perfect for close, not bad at mid-range either.

Havoc - whatever. Eventually, you’d kill someone while shooting 32 bullets.

Peacekeeper and Prowler- Digital threat. I like how the choked PK balances around the reticle.

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Re: Optics. What do you prefer?
« Reply #35 on: July 16, 2023, 08:36:33 PM »
Green works beautifully with older eyes or light damaged vision.  If Sig Sauer made a Romeo reflex sight with a green reticle I’d be all over it.  I like the simplicity of their controls and ease of use.

I just acquired a holosun he507-C-XÁ. I mounted it on a 75B.  I’m really liking the features of this optic.  Easy to pickup the reticle and easy to operate.  The shake awake feature is a real battery saver.  Imho it is pretty well thought out.

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Re: Optics. What do you prefer?
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As for Holosun, they make the Sig Romeo RDS, which sells for less than a near identical Holosun you might look into a Sig branded sight to see if they offer an "optic" for the need.

My only "optic" experience is a Romeo which is never used, several Trijicon ACOGs on Colt ARs, and currently have 3 Leupold 6oz Ultralight 2.5X (really 2.2X) on three long guns, the Leupolds the only scopes currently used.