Author Topic: WTS: Vz58 SF BON Bayonet, Zendl PROJECT Bolt Releases, Ukraine Mikov Knives, etc  (Read 145 times)

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Apparently my previous listing expired...  Current available below.

Vzor 58 SF BON Bayonets -- have only a couple remaining: $190.00 + S&H (and CC Fees if applicable).  Sells elsewhere @ $250.  Limit 1 per buyer/address.

Blem/Project Vzor 58 SF BON Bayonets -- will likely require fitting to install on bayonet lug and expect some corrosion to metal components sheath half-price @ $95 + S&H (and CC Fees if applicable), only have a couple

Ukraine Armed Forces Mikov Fighting Combat Knife - Like Mikov Uton AZ07 and believed Mikov manufacture (unmarked except Ukraine Armed Forces stamp on leather sheath and Czech customs seizure dating back go to 2014/2015 start of this conflict) , and sharing near-identical blade to the SF Bon Bayonets above @ $90

Vzor 58 PROJECT Zendl Tactical Bolt Releases -- retaining pin channel was cut slightly too narrow (less than a millimeter so needs widened, primarily at the top of the channel -- can be done with fine grit sandpaper over a punch or nail slightly smaller than retaining pinch channel [widen, polish, and then reblue AT YOUR OWN RISK -- nothing about this should compromise the part per Zendl, but not responsible for Bubbas/Bubbaing]): $45 + S&H (and CC Fees if applicable).  Four of these left.

All of these items are new or new old stock, albeit all bulk storage condition.

These are all also leftovers from group buys, but at retail rates -- albeit a slight discount from what I would list on auction sites, since no fees.  Haven't had time to list them there.  Search here for info from group buys/on these items.  However, Zendl TBRs are discounted by roughly 1/2.

I also have:

Wood (beech most likely) VZ58 stock and hardware, all in NOS condition @ $170.  Hardware alone sells elsewhere @ $150.  Only a couple left.

Beaver barf fixed stocks and hardware, all in NOS condition @ $100.  Only a couple left.

VZ58 OEM Gas pistons (mostly NOS but some may have minor pitting or corrosion from storage -- IIRC the arsenal packages are by groups of 5) prices not including S&H or CC Fees: 1 @ $15, 2 @ $25, 3 @ $30, 4 @ $38, 5 @ $45 (6-10 also @ $9), 11+ @ $8.50 per one.

I also may have assorted other VZ58 items available.  If you're looking for something in particular, don't hesitate to ask.