Author Topic: ATF whistleblowers Biden admin proposal that effectively bans private gun sales  (Read 1497 times)

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Whistleblowers at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) are sounding the alarm on a reported 1,300-page draft document that allegedly justifies a proposed rule that would effectively ban private gun sales, according to a watchdog group.

"The proposed rule would amend the regulations applicable to the Gun Control Act by, among other things, conforming those regulations to the new BSCA definition and clarifying the conduct that presumptively requires a license under the amended definition," the statement continued, adding that "unlicensed dealing undermines the public-safety measures required for" federal firearm licensees.
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Such a rule is 100% unenforceable unless they are able to pass universal registration across the entire country.

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Such a rule is 100% unenforceable unless they are able to pass universal registration across the entire country.

I no longer feel much comfort in notions of what is or isn't enforceable, constitutional or anything else. I feel like we have entered an era where all the old assurances are now void, or at least much more weak than they once were- I've felt that way for awhile.

I've seen various laws enacted, that even legal minds presenting "legal changes" for the benefit of the enforcers, said were "probably not going to stand the 'constitutional test'....yet they have, without so much as a serious challenge. This is not some one-off thing or some recent single thing, but changes in the law (of at least my own state) that have alarmed others and myself enough that (speaking only for myself) I have much less confidence in constitutional protections than i once had.

I can't get too detailed, without violating forum guidelines...but when laws are put in place that punish motivations rather than actions, that openly discriminate while condemning discrimination, call for confiscation of private property firearms and that allow the promotion of falsehoods and vilify the truth....Exactly what sort of "faith" is appropriate?

I apologize in advance and hop I haven't went too far in describing my point, but dont see how I could make it without at least this much explanation- which I've tried to give the least details of.....and that was as mentally painful as a bad sneeze.. so here's hoping :-X
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Comply?… No.

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Thou shall trade or sell guns as they please …un enforceable

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Unfortunately we are living in a post Constitutional era, and have been for awhile. The only solution is mass non-compliance with laws that we all know are not Constitutional no matter what SCOTUS or Legislators tells us.
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