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Hello CZ Custom,
(Originally posted in Compact CZ 75)
Have a CZ 75 Compact Sales Order #121583 with you.
Work is for Trigger Job Safey Model - using CZC Carry Hammer.
But the primary reason for work is to resolve -
"Intermittent failure for the hammer to fall w/Trigger Pulled"
Details -
Am experiencing intermittent failure for the hammer to fall
when the trigger is pulled, hammer is cocked, and safety is off (~ 1/100 rounds).
Gun will run fine for ~100 rounds.
Then in the middle of a mag, will strip/eject the spent round, cycle feeding and chambering the next round,
fully return to battery - and not fire when the trigger is pulled.     
Can then pull back the slide, eject that round, load the same round back in the mag,
drop the slide and shoot that round.
Then it will run fine for around 100 rounds and do it again.

Bought gun NIB and feel weapon may have been malfunctioning this way but attributed it to brake-in.
Had LGS add various CGW parts and after 400 rounds this problem has continued about every 100 rounds.
Now I'm having the CGW parts removed and replaced with CZ Custom parts along with Trigger Job to resolve issue.

This will be my carry gun when made 100% reliable.
Looking for CZ Custom to Save the Day!  :D

Thanks in Advance, Barth

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Don't double post. Send them this in an email. Thanks.
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