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Hi Guys,

I have a SAR K12 for sale.
I am looking for $650 plus shipping to your FFL.
Just got this May 14th.
And have put well over $700 into this nice gun not to mention the labor of smoothing the action and slide.
I Wanted to try another Clone gun, and this was a good example.

If you know about the SAR K12 Sport X in form it is similar to the tactical sport
with slide milling done at the factory.
The frame is closer to the TS than the standard K12 Sport which has a different dust cover shape.
They come with an LPA adjustable rear site which is very nice.
Oversized ambidextrous safeties.
All stainless frame, barrel, and slide.
Slide to frame fit is excellent.

Internally they are more Tanfoglio than CZ.
I wanted a new project and Now she is done as far as I think makes sense.
I have seen more done but this is a nice balance.

I would keep this, except I had the opportunity to buy a new CZ TS2 blue and a RAMI to replace my beloved stolen one.

This gun is night and day from a stock K12 X.
Lets start with results.
When I started with this gun it was a 5 lb single action trigger.
The reviews are correct STOCK this is no CZ SAO gun.
The trigger stock is heavy, has stacking, long pretravel and overtravel, and is gritty!

Now it is a solid 3 lb trigger. and Butter smooth with a small takeup due to the firing pin block. Pretravel and Overtravel have been set as close as they can with safe operation. Total travel is approx 6mm about half what it was before.

An avid shooter friend of mine loved the trigger feel it is smooth with a crisp break and stops just after the break.

This is the way it should have come from SAR.
It is way more than the weight of the trigger pull it is the smoothness or shear quality.

Here is what has been done to get here.
Galloway precision Spring kit
Patriot Defense extended firing pin. No light strikes with this one.
Full Polish of all the usual parts, including trigger bar, all pins, sear cage, disconnect,
lifting plunger, etc....
Here is a biggie with these and Tanfoglios, really, REALLY, polish the trigger bar lifter assembly!
There is a ton of grit that is removed with this work.
Hammer and sear are completely stock, firing pin block is still in place.

Another extra is I did the Dawson fiber optic front site. which is  a big improvement over the stock front sight.

Since this is all stainless, I have polished the frame and slide rails to prevent potential for galling that sometimes occurs with a rough finish.

This is a really nice range gun.
Just have some extras in the safe now and would like a nice home for this one.

Here are some Pics. CZ75 Shadow not included.

If you have any questions please let me know, I tend to be an open book.
Preferred payment by Paypal F&F.
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