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General Review of Compact..
« on: January 27, 2002, 10:06:13 AM »
I bought a LNIB Compact, 99 date of man., in Dec.  I loved the gun, however if argued with me a bit.  After working out
the bugs out of it, I would like to give you all this review.   At the point of working on the barrel lug, I had put in a 20 # Wolff recoil spring, polished the feed ramp and throated the chamber, beveled the slide end, mag. brake alteration, Hakan Custom grips and 2 Hi cap mags..each with Wolff springs giving them a 15 rnd capacity.  I also have painted my sights for better visibility and have some fiber optic inserts for a future project...
The gun is very accurate and is a treat to shoot.  From a bench rest (hands) it will group 2-3" at 25 yds with so so ammo.  With Fiochi and magtech..better ammo, it will easily
group under 2" at the same distance.
What is really amazing is its ability to group during rapid fire..
alot because of its weight and great trigger...with a BG target
at 20-25', I can literally fire 16 rnds from the gun as fast as I can pull the trigger and keep them within a 12" group.  It may seem like a big group but with other guns, I am more familiar with, I get much bigger groups with flyers.  NO FLYERS with the compact.  
It is a fairly heavy CCW, but hey thats life.  It isnt too heavy and with the holster I wear and a good belt...its not too much.

For those of you waiting for Hakan grips, dont wait any longer.
They are literally the best I have seen and very nice.  They are thinner than the stock plastics and are perfect for a CCW.
I feel they are a bargain at their present cost and wouldnt be surprised to see his prices go up alittle...they would still be a

Thats little review.  Shoot well and let us know how you and your gun are in "review"