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CZ452 YOUTH big game hunting rifle
« on: July 07, 2002, 11:44:51 PM »
For a month now I,ve been taking my son to shoot his new CZ 452 scout bolt .22.
He got real good with it too, popping clay target discs at 75 yards. Then popping the pieces that are left.
Well this weekend I took it for myself to hunt Jack Rabbitts in the desert.
I bought some Tasco scope mounts from WalMart last week and mounted my trusty Bushnell 4X sportview and started sighting in the scope at 25 yards-50 then 75.
We had marked off our favorite shooting spot at 25, 50, 75,  100 and 150 yards.
Well after sighting in I got to shooting a few test groups with the CCI Blazers.
three shot groups were less than 1/2"
They were Mickey mouse heads, one three circled hole.
This at 75 yards. New brush had kinda blocked my 100 to 150 yards marks by now but I was a huntin' today and 75 yards was good enough for government work.
I worked my way down my usual trail shooting at anything on the ground such as cans, bottles a few bullet hole riddled car hulks just to get a feel for the little carbine.
Fist I learned is this bolt action is fast.
As in I quikly learned to operate the bolt with my thumb ejecting and chambering a roung without removing my face from the stock. Came in real handy when I had to follow up on a running Jack.
And the trigger was like a electrical switch. Just apply  pressure and click-boom. I was so used to the semi auto trigger that you had some freeplay before the trigger let off. My first few shots went off without me wanting too as I was just feeling the trigger but it just went bang! wow.
Anyway the Jacks never stood a chance as I got 2 that were BBQed the next day. And a few pesky crows that were laughing at me.
This is my favorite bolt action .22 I have ever had. Period!


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CZ452 YOUTH big game hunting rifle
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2002, 12:02:43 PM »
Hello "TheGreatSantini"!
My name is Gus.  I was very pleased to see your comments on this rifle since I am very interested in buying one for my little girls.  It sounds like you shot CCI Blazers and got groups of less than 1/2".  Those are very impressive groups!  Was that at 75 yards or how far away?  

Have you tried to shoot groups with any other brands of ammo?  If so, what kind of groups did they shoot?

Do you have any other advise or comments about this rifle?  It sounds like you are pleased and would recommend that I buy one for my girls also.

I am also interested in buying them a youth model 20 ga shotgun and a youth model .243.  Do you have any advise or experience with any of these?

Please respond at your earliest convenience since I would like to get them their .22 for Christmas.  Thank you!