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PCR Custom review
« on: September 19, 2002, 06:08:59 AM »
I have my CCW permit and carry daily.  I have always liked the PCR's features for a carry/defensive gun.  Im not a "tactical" nut, but most of the bells this gun has are to help out in a "high stress situation", which isnt going to hurt.
The sights wont catch on clothing when drawn, the front slide serrations help ensure accurate failure clearing, the loaded chamber indicator has to be "up" at all times :D  , the extended mag release is just easier to hit when you need it.
The other features are just as benefitial.......

I picked up a clean one owner CZ PCR a while ago for 279$ at a local shop.  The gun had been there long enough that the main spring was squeaking from being dry :o   NOT GOOD.
After getting her back to healthy, I discovered this gun is a shooter.  
First impressions were:  Trigger is better than most CZ's Ive shot/owned except the 83's.  Great sights, love the low mount style.  Serrations on the straps are a great feature for keeping your grip in rapid fire.  It has less recoil than my old Compact, but cant really be this way...go figure.  Impressed.

Improvements:  Polished feedramp/barrel shroud..I love doing this to my guns.  Adds to the reliability and looks very nice.
Wolff springs thru out the gun.  20# recoil spring (I shoot +p and +P+ as CCW ammo and practice with it also), OEM # main spring and firing pin spring.  Good strong springs are another cheap insurance policy for proper function, when you need it.  Basic reliability package: Local smith inspects entire gun and gives it his blessing.  Also lightly stones the slide/frame rails, tunes the extracter/ejector as needed, trigger is warranted etc.  I do this with all of my guns bought used..I trust my self to pick out a "good gun" most of the time, but you never know.  Just like having a mechanic give that used car youre gonna buy a once over.
Custom PT nights...I looked for similar style nights and could not find any...sent my slide into PT and had the OEM rear drilled out and Tritium inserts installed..made me a custom one off front to match the rear.  Very nice people and product.  Hakan grips...the best, what else can I say :D   I love the rubber grips...seem to reduce recoil alot.  But the Hakans on a CCW dont "drag or grip" on your clothes and are more comfy on my hands.  Polished the trigger bar a tad and the bottom end of the slide.  The trigger is a tad smoother and will do quite well.  I will have the trigger done a tad more when funds allow it.
Hi Cap mags..I like capacity and wanted to get them while I could :D   Tweaks include: Hakan mag base pads, make the grip just a tad longer and fit the contour of the grip housing...looks good and feels much like the OEM 10 rnd mags, while having 15 rnds in my gun.
Aftermarket mag followers with the 4 posts/legs in the corners for better reliability...never had a problem with the CZ followers but trust this design more.  The follower will not rock or move in the mag, which the OEM followers can do.
Wolff +5% springs for a little extra push where it counts.

The sights are very nice and bright.  They make a good bit of difference while at dimly lit indoor ranges.  I actually shoot better after turning the bench light off.  Great sight picture and very nice sight acquisition.  The Hakans make shooting the gun very very nice.  A comfortable grip is a basic need for accurate shooting.  The polishing of various parts, feedramp, slide etc just help insure proper function of the gun..with over 1000 rnds of 9mm, most of which has been defensive JHP's, I havent had one failure!  The trigger is nice, d/a is smooth and consistant making first shots hit where I aim...most of the time.  S/a trigger is just sweet....light and short, breaks nicely without warning and has little overtravel.  I will make it just a tad smoother in d/a mode and be very very happy.

All in all the gun is a nicely balanced gun.  The alloy frame makes it light enough to carry all day while 15 rnds of +P ride in it.  The size is a great compromise.  Its very concealable yet offers a full grip for better control and good capacity.

Im very impressed with my gun.  Stock PCR's are very good and IMO, one of the best CZ's made.  I cant wait for the PO1 to come out...I wonder how much better it will be with similar modifications to my gun?  Should be absolutely wonderful.

Sorry for the long post but its been a long time coming. :D
Shoot well

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PCR Custom review
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2012, 07:51:48 PM »
Hey there! I just came across your review and wanted to know if you were still carrying the PCR? I've been looking for a used one for almost two years. How has your PCR held up to a steady diet of +P+?
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