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pcr/hybrid review
« on: September 07, 2002, 12:05:45 AM »
Picked up a new CZ compact pcr "hybrid" which has the thicker frame with rails for hanging flashlights, but the slide is the same as the regular pcr models.
The ergonomics and finish of the gun were superb. It's just a beautiful gun. I found the finish to be a flatter black than my 75. The gun has a slightly wider frame and slide than the 75, but the grips are not wider. Because of the rubber grips and cerrated frame, the gun feels super. I'll definitely buy rubber grips for my 75 now.
The mag was a bit harder to load, bullets seemed to get stuck on the fifth round, and 10 barely fit inside.
The front of the trigger guard has more deeply cut notches, and it seems easier to reach over with a finger also, if one wanted to hold the gun that way.
The trigger is much more curved than the 75, and it seemed a better trigger.
The pistol shot very nicely, there were no problems or jams using winchester white box and umc. I and a friend alternated between the PCR and the 75, and we noted the obvious extra recoil with the lighter gun, which wasn't unpleasant, just different. We shot shootnc targets, they're nice.
I'd load the magazine with 10, shoot 5 rounds at about 10 yards, and decock the pistol, and let the other guy shoot it. The decocker worked fine. The loaded chamber indicator is an excellent addition to the gun, I would like to see that on all CZs.
Since it was new, I quickly field disassembled it at the range, and found that I could push the slide release out using just my thumb. With the slide and barrel off, the frame seems practically weightless.
The accuracy of the gun was fine, and I noticed that the hit data chart was comparable to my 75, and it was done by the same person, "Markula".
It came with some snap caps which were longer so could be placed into a magazine and then racked into the chamber if desired.
The PCR was made in 2002, while my 75b was made in 99, although it's only a couple of months old. The PCR seems like a fancier more carefully finished gun. It's another beautiful piece of CZ machinery. It feels absolutely perfectly balanced when loaded. The slightly shorter grip fits the palm of the hand a little better than the 75.
I can't wait to shoot it some more, it's so nice. I wonder if someday CZ will make some slight improvements to the 75, such as serrated grips, new trigger and a loaded chamber indicator.


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pcr/hybrid review
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2002, 05:04:21 PM »
Hi, the P-01 has a better trigger i'm told. Gald that you
are so happy with the last of the PCRs.

Please link this in PCR CLUB or post your review there
also, as it is very well written and good marks for the