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.22 LR varmint
« on: May 26, 2002, 01:20:35 PM »
I am the sort who is never satisfied and generally modify a rifle to death but I have stopped the urge with my 22 Varmint.  About 6 years ago I bedded and then rebedded a CZ Lux in 22 magnum untill I finally got it to shoot as well as it did as issued.  the 22 varmint has been left alone all I have done is torque up the front barrell screw a bit.

Ergonomics:  This rifle is very well balanced and comes with a good trigger pull.  The fat forend snuggles into sandbags or an old coat and stays there.  At the bench or on a field rest the Lux or my 527 tend to feel like they are going to fall over from the weight of the scope but the Varmint is balanced and comfortable and very easy to shoot well.  The quick detachable swivel post makes attaching a bipod a snap and the short Harris feels at home on this rifle.  I have used 5 and 10 round magazines and the 10 round hangs down an awful long way but the bipod lifts the gun out of the way of it.  With some lots of ammo I have had failures to positively eject unless the bolt is worked very sharply.  I love gopher hunting and I find the varmint design to be better for this than the Lux.  Even without the bipod the rifle lends itself to field rests and the fat forend and meaty barrel support a heavy scope while maintaining good balance. This ergonomics allows for excellent field accuracy.

Accuracy.  My best 10 shot group on a still day is 1.23" at 100 yards.  5 shot groups will shade the moa barrier outside and inside with no wind breaking MOA is a snap with several brands of ammo.  For varmint hunting my rifle prefers CCI Minimag HP second place going to PMC Zappers.     For target shooting PMC moderators work well.  Best power with usable accuracy goes to CCI Quickshock ( 2 MOA)  though I won't buy anymore as the 22 Mag is a much better option when you want more power.

For designated varmint hunting I think there would be a market for this rifle in 22 mag and 17HRM.  In the latter caliber I would buy one for gopher use today if available.  Come to think of it a similar configuration in 22 Hornet would also be interesting.


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.22 LR varmint
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2002, 12:07:20 PM »
Great review, North of 61. Glad you like the varmint.

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.22 LR varmint
« Reply #2 on: June 18, 2003, 08:52:06 AM »
Yes, the Varmint is very accurate.


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.22 LR varmint
« Reply #3 on: June 25, 2003, 08:46:10 AM »
I use Federal Gold Metal Match and get much better results on the .22LR . See my post below for details.
I just bought the CZ .17 HB Varmint. Took it out to sight it in but, forgot my cleaning kit so, that's about all i did today.
I'm looking foreward to really jumping on the .17 to see what kind of results i get at 150 and 200 yards. I did shoot 40rnds at 100 yards and it seemed to like the Hornady better than the CCI. The CCI ran around 9/16" with the worse at 1 1/4". I will try Remington later.
The best the Hornady got was around 9/16" and the worse was 13/16"
The barrel is actually Free Floated on the .17. Unlike the .22 which has a slide in lug on it that attaches the barrel to the stock.
The .17's stock is touching the barrel so it will have to be shaved down to be totally free floating.
The trigger is light enough after putting a lighter spring on it. But, there is more creep on the .17 than the .22 so, i'll have to do something about that.
Also the bolt is a little more rough. All in all, it looks like a real true Varmint rifle.