Author Topic: Found the new Tactical Sports for sale in Northern VA!  (Read 1323 times)

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Found the new Tactical Sports for sale in Northern VA!
« on: June 17, 2005, 07:43:52 AM »
I located one of the new CZ .40 cal Tactical Sports for sale in Northern Virginia. Phil Strader's shop, Shooters Paradise (, got one in recently. It appears to be close to my precision Standard IPSC .40s though with a few changes: Scott-Warren style fixed sights & the new 17 round magazines. The finish looks more matte/darker than the Standard IPSC. The same excellent, sub-2lb trigger is found on the new TS as on the Standard IPSC.

These are exceptionaly refined CZs; I own 2 of the Standard IPSC & both are incredibly smooth - so much so that when I rack the slide, I cannot feel the 1st round going into the chamber & I have to check (its always there though). As for accuracy, I posted a report on the other forum about a match I shot with one last weekend; I re-checked the results & I was the only Limited shooter to get all my hits on the 50 yard/25yard & 15 yard stage. These are very very accurate guns.  Here is a link to the post/review of the Sprinco recoil reducer on the other forum:

Angus: I know that Team CZ-USA is focused on Production Division right now, but when are you going to tackle Limited Division?

Have you been issued the new TS by CZ-USA yet or do we have to wait until '06 for a CZ-STI/SV/SPS show-down?


D.C. Johnson