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The Design and Development of the CZ-40B and Colt Z-40
« on: June 02, 2007, 04:59:22 PM »
We had a debate/discussion about the provenance of the CZ-40B and Colt Z-40, and a disagreement about who did what in its design.   Angus Hobdell, a member here, and also a CZ employee, contacted one of the engineers in the Czech Republic about the details.   I think this response answers all our questions, and certainly confirm what I had been able to piece together over the past couple of years.
            Thanks, Angus!
            Here's what Angus received:

            From Milan trkulia:
You asking the right person as I was right on middle of it, when the Colt Z 40 happened.
            Beside myself, another two persons you know very well, were instrumental in Colt Z or CZ .40 B project. It was Ira Kay and Kerby Smith. I will send you a copy of Ira Kay's e-mail from September 18th, 1997 describing chronology of the Colt/CZ relationship involving COLT Z/CZ.40 B projects.This is if I manage to find it.
            Just remember, there was just one significant specification put forward by the Colt people - this pistol must bear exterior similarity with the the Colt 1911. It was just a verbal request, nothing was written down or signed on this design matter. We just shook the hands. That was it! All another work was left on the CZ engineers. Shape of the pistol was designed by the Industrial Architect Vojtech Anderle (also author of CZ 100 design), and all interior mechanism works on Colt Z .40 was done by Radek Hauerland, who also worked with me later on CZ 2075 RAMI project. Your statement is absolutely correct, the Colt Z 40/CZ.40B pistol mechanism was fully adopted from CZ 75 line of pistols. After CZ/Colt deal collapse, pistol was made by CZ for an another customers, but in limited numbers.
            When Radek Hauerland worked on trigger mechanism for COLT Z .40, he at the same time got ready SA/DA and Decocker versions of this pistols. Therefore it was easy to later produce all these trigger mechanism versions, and also the caliber conversion down from .40 to 9x19 was very easy to make. Beside the Colt Z.40 and CZ .40 B pistols, there was an another model based on COLT Z .40 design produced in 9 x 19 cal and called the CZ LE 9.