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Use of Steel Guide rods in CZ...
« on: April 26, 2006, 01:54:08 PM »
I contacted Mike Eagleshield and asked about metal guide rods. I told him I would post the answers on the CZ-Forum. Here are my questions, and his responses:
Question 1: are metal guide rods available from CZ for the compact models (FLGRs)?
            Answer 1: Steel recoil spring guides are available for the 75 compact pistols but are only recomended for the steel frame pistols, except for the compact 40.(All current recoil guides are plastic, except the 75B 40.)
This response confused me, so I sent him a followup question about the 75B .40 compact. His response:
Due to the configuration of the recoil spring on the CZ 75 Compact .40sw (flat wire coil), the steel recoil spring guide cant be used.
            It will disrupt the coils of the factory spring. Even when combined with a Wolff Compact recoil spring, it will chew up and spit out the Wolff spring in just a few cycles. The cause for this has yet to be determined, but is more than likely due to the increased recoil and shorter over all length of the compact 40 pistol.

Question 2: are they (metal guide rods) available from CZ for the 97B. (We know that the rods used with 75B in .40 have been provided in the past.)
            Answer 2: There are none made for the 97B but the 75B 40 steel guide will work.
Question 3: does the use of after-market (not CZ-made) metal guide rods affect the warranty of these guns?
            Answer 3: The use of aftermarket parts of any kind will void the warranty,if the claim is caused by the use of said part.
It would appear that metal guide rods are OK for steel frame guns, but are not advised at present for the steel 75B Compact in .40.
            If you choose to use a steel guide rod in an alloy gun, and have frame or slide wear (not seen by users, thus far), repair of wear caused by the steel guide rod won't be covered under warranty.