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Ammo & Reloading Component Sources
« on: February 04, 2009, 07:19:07 PM »
This thread includes sources that members here have tried and suggested for local and national sources for both ammunition and ammunition reloading components.  It is not a complete list by any means, it is simply a list that other CZ owners have tried and liked due to service, availability, price, or whatever.

The moderators will edit the list so that it doesn't degrade into a hodge-podge of scattered posts and mixed information.  If you want to add a suggestion, then please do.  From time-to-time we will come back, add your suggestion to the list, and then remove your post.  The idea is to conserve all suggestions in a neat and orderly format, not to steal anyone's credit.  Our only goal is that organized information is worth far, far more to you, the users.  So use this thread knowing that it is built upon hundreds of suggestions from CZ owners just like yourself.

All lists here are shown alphabetically, not by hierarchy or usefulness.

Before you take the time to call up 50 individual sites, you should know that there are automated and volunteer sites that have done most of the work for you.  By using these sites early in your search, you can save yourself a lot of time.  Most ask for the caliber and then guide you directly to a free list of providers that have the best "bottom line" deals.  These sites cannot search every web site, but they certainly do a great job of searching the top 100. 

As such, they rank as the best place to begin your search:

1. AmmoSeek *
2. Gun-Bot
3. Gun-Deals

* NOTE. AmmoSeek also searches for reloading components.

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Re: Some sources for ammo
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2009, 03:29:05 PM »
A great way to save money on ammunition is by buying bulk ammunition from a certified re-manufacturer.   If you need lots of ammo in a single caliber, then these "re-manufacturers" certainly represent the best way to go for many shooters.  They will most always be the lower cost alternative to factory new ammunition because they 1) re-cycle the brass cartridge case, and 2) sell in higher volumes.  If you do not reload ammunition yourself, then a certified reloader may be the best bet for you.  Some will allow further discounts if you return the brass with your next order.

Here they are:

- Automatic Accuracy  AR
- Atlanta Arms  GA
- CCC Ammo  TX
- Freedom Munitions  TX  ($7.50 flat rate shipping)
- Georgia-Arms  GA  (See "Canned Heat")
- Great Lakes Ammo  MI
- Precision Delta  MS  (Use the pull-down menu to find "Remanufactured")
- Stand 1 Armory  TX

Obviously, since we are basically talking about shipping a very heavy product, vendors closer to your location may have significantly lower shipping costs.

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Re: Some sources for ammo
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2009, 06:03:56 PM »
The following is a list of local and national suppliers who are known to sell and ship factory made new ammunition for many calibers.  Some of these sell only ammo, so sell a great many shooting accessories as well.  If you find a new one, then please feel free to add your favorite in a follow-up post.

OK, here's a linky collection, so far:

AIM Surplus
The Ammo Bank
Ammo Direct Ammunition
Ammunition To Go
Bass Pro Shops
Bulk Ammo.Com
Centerfire Systems
Cheaper Than Dirt
Classic Arms
Collins Cartridge Company
Dakota Ammo
Florida Gun Works  FL
Gander Mountain
Georgia Arms Ammunition  GA
Graf & Sons  MO
Gun Deals Ammo Deals
The Hunting Shack Ammunition
J&G Sales
Killough Shooting  TX
Kyle's Gun Shop
MA Arms
MidwayUSA  Best website in the business
Military Gun Supply
Natchez Shooters Supply  (No sales to some states)
Ocala Armory
Outdoor Marksman and
Palmetto State Armory  SC
Reed's Ammunition & Research  OK  High power loads, Obscure calibers
SG Ammo  Bulk ammo sales
Shooter's Pro Shop  Discounted Nosler ammo
Southern Ammunition
Sportman's Guide
Tactical Defense Supply (TDS)
Target Sports USA  CT
Underwood Ammo  OK  Special loads

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Re: Sources for CZ Reloading Components
« Reply #3 on: November 11, 2014, 08:12:01 PM »
The following is an alphabetical list of on-line vendors who offer a full line of reloading components (or at least several).  Some of them offer free shipping or "one price shipping".  States are given to help you cut shipping costs on heavy orders. 

- American Reloading  WA
- Bruno Shooters Supply  AZ  Pricing inline with Powder Valley
- Buffalo Arms  ID
- Butch's Reloading  NM
- Connie's Components  TX  Most prices include hazmat
- Graf & Sons  MO  Low $8 shipping fee
- Jays Sporting Goods  MI
- Midsouth Shooters  TN
- MidwayUSA  MO  Best web site for research, New lower shipping
- Natchez Shooters Supply  TN  No sales to TN, GA or AL !!
- Powder Valley  KS
- Precision Reloading SD
- Recobs Target Shop  WI
- Reloading Unlimited  TN
- R & R Arms  MN
- Selway Armory  MT
- Sinclair International IA
- Third Generation OK
- Widener's Reloading  TN

What follows is a semi-organized list of bullet makers and bullet suppliers who sell bullets in bulk which are known to work in the CZ chamber.  This does not mean that every bullet offered will work in your CZ.  If you have doubts, then ask on our forum before buying.

General Bullet Sales
These bullet discounters sell factory rejects, "pulls", and "blems".  As such they offer brand name bullets at highly discounted prices. 
- American Reloading  WA
- Everglades Ammo  FL  Free shipping on most orders
- Rocky Mountain Reloading  ID  Free shipping on all orders
- Shooter's Pro Shop  Nosler blems with $12 Flat Rate shipping
- TJ Conevera  IL  Free shipping over $50

Jacketed (aka FMJ):
- Everglades Ammo  FL  Free shipping on most orders
- Montana Gold  MT  Expensive until you get to full case pricing
- Precision Delta  MS  Minimum order 2000
- Rocky Mountain Reloading  ID  Free shipping on all orders
- Zero Bullets  AL

Copper Plated Bullets:
- Berry Manufacturing  UT
- Everglades Ammo  FL  Free shipping on most orders
- Ranier Ballistics  WA
- Rocky Mountain Reloading  ID  Free shipping on all orders
- X-Treme Bullets  NV

Hi-Tek coated Lead Bullets:
- ACME Bullet Co  WI  Discount code 54730
- Bayou Bullets  LA
- Black Bullets International  TN
- B&B Casting and Supplies  CA  [Formerly Black&Blue]
- Gallant Bullets  UT   Veteran operated. Use code CZF10. Volume discounts.
- Missouri Bullet Co.  MO  Very fast flat rate shipping
- SNS Casting
- Summers Enterprises  MS  Very inexpensive bullets
- Unique Precision

Coated, non-Hi-Tek:
- Blue Bullets  NC
- Precision Bullets  TX

Lead bullets, un-coated:
- ACME Bullet Co  WI   Discount code 54730
- Magnus Bullets  AL
- Missouri Bullet Co.  MO  Very fast flat rate shipping
- Summers Enterprises  MS  Very inexpensive bullets

Try this brass trading and sales resource which is run by one of our very own....
- Brass Bucket Dot Net

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