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I am not affiliated with this sales warehouse.  I decided to do a search tonight to see if anyone had posted any youtube videos on the P07 Duty and I found this one.

Not a bad little review!!!

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Not a bad review at all. I share his concern about the front sight...seems a bit badly designed and manufactured. I also have issue with that funky combat sight that wants to be a target sight. CZ should have just used the same rear sight design as on the CZ-75, just in polymer, and offered metal night sights as an option (If you hear me night sight manufacturers...get on that). I did see two CZ P-07 Duty's at my local Academy Sports store...was tempted to pick it up, but I was low on funds temporarily...

Wonder if they are going to sell this as new  ::)

Not a bad review at all..

 Not a bad job for CZ ......  but it reminds me too much of that other pitstol the with the "G" letter!    :P  I chose CZ because they stand apart from the others ........

Other than the poly frame, the P-07 has little in common with the G-guns.The CZ is hammer-fired, has great ergonomics for everyone but people with the smallest hands, has real safeties (multiple), and fires DA/SA. The G-gun is striker fired, has horrible ergonimics for everyone, Only has that trigger safety, and becase its striker fired is DAO. You really can't have 2 more different polymer framed guns.


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