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P07 Magazine issues

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I spoke to CZ-USA about the sticking mag issues, and I was advised this indicates defective magazines. Please call 1-800-955-4486 and ask to speak to Matt or Justin, and they will work with you on swapping magazines with you. Hope this helps!

 :) ........I'm happy to say that the P-07 I bought about a month ago has never had a sticky mag the release and both mags slide out easily. Thanks for the info , tho on who to call in case other problems should come up. Got to say the P-07 exceeds my expectations as a fun gun to shoot.

Is there no alternative to sending in the entire weapon for warranty?  I just spoke to CZ and was issued a return auth.  I would prefer not to be without the weapon for 4-6 weeks if it's just a matter of replacing magazines.

Originally, the magazines would drop free, no problems at all.  Now, it acts about like a mag brake would in say my 75B.  It's not effected the firing of the weapon, but does not seem to be functioning as intended.  If the magazine is full, it will drop, slowly.  If empty, it will stop in a few centimeters of drop. 

That is exactly how mine acts MarvTG. I do not think it is the mags.... but we'll see since I ordered 2 more and they should be here soon. I'm not going to do without unless the functionality is something critical. I know some consider this critical, and it could be in some situations. BUT I can still easily get the mags out, they just don't drop more than 1/3" IF they do drop....... So far only complaint and it is a great firing/fun gun! Hope it holds up..... And where are some holsters???  ???

The poly duty style ones are on the way. other than that, try non moulded or semi moulded ones for Glock 19.


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