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Welcome to the CZ 75B Stainless Club
« on: December 11, 2007, 01:00:23 PM »

This section of the CZ Forum is dedicated to discussion of the new CZ 75B in stainless steel.




Official CZ-USA Link for the CZ 75B Stainless:




Official CZ-UB Link for the CZ 75B Stainless:

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Re: Welcome to the CZ 75B Stainless Club
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2010, 11:57:53 AM »
I'm another Ca resident that is trying to get a SS CZ 75B, is there any way to get one or are we dead in the water.  I saw an article back in 2000 that said it was CA legal, now it seems its not?  A local gun dealer looked it up for me and no, but the SP01 is legal.
I know it's probalby a stupid statement, but I'm not a gun person and want a good solid equalizer in the home, and fell in love with the CZ SS..for some reason I like the feel of metal in my hand instead of plastic.  One issue I do have is I'm left handed, and I thought I read the CZ would work for me.

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Re: Welcome to the CZ 75B Stainless Club
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2010, 06:38:08 PM »
I'll be in "the club" soon.  I just got the email that my gun has shipped from Bud's!
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Re: Welcome to the CZ 75B Stainless Club
« Reply #3 on: April 13, 2011, 03:56:36 PM »

The product detail page for the CZ 75B SS is now at:

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Re: Welcome to the CZ 75B Stainless Club
« Reply #4 on: June 15, 2011, 11:51:54 PM »
I just ordered my first handgun ever and it happens to be a 2011 CZ 75b matte stainless version. I should be picking it up on Friday. I don't know exactly when I'll be able to try it out but I will post it when I do. I do have a question about cleaning it before I fire it for the first time. Should I do an extensive cleaning or will a field strip and cleaning serfice? Also I purchased Blazer Brass 124 grain FMJ for the range and Speer Gold Dot 124 GR Hollow Point for home defense per vendor recommendation. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Welcome to the CZ 75B Stainless Club
« Reply #5 on: December 14, 2012, 03:27:52 PM »
Only in partial denial here about CZ addiction, as I'm trying to reasonable. It's a long version so be warned. I'm guessing this is the thread for intros, feel free to move or remove if I've erred.

I got here by wanting a stainless takedown .22 rifle for motorcycle camping last January (plan early). The LGS didn't have a Marlin Papoose but I thought I'd see what they had while there. I almost missed a real gem. After seeing the Rugers and Stevens and Savages and Remingtons and Brownings (nice but ouch, so pricey) and out of sight Winchesters, there in the next rack was a bolt action in amongst the pumpers. I picked it up, shouldered it, and it felt....... just so right! No sights was OK, it looked the right height cheek plant for a scope, and the bolt action, it was designed and built by folks that understand machine design and function as an art, not just a means to an end for profit. The trigger was better than the other contraptions too. A little stiff perhaps, but bare bones new I could appreciate the precision tolerances that gave it the smooth yet tight feel. I looked to see who made such a nice piece of design and build. CZ American! Who? Never heard of, oh, Czech product, old world values, not American profit driven value engineered cruft. The sales guy said they build good stuff like a salesman, not like someone with personal knowledge, so I went home and surfed.

CZ-USA showed some nice stuff but was short on dialog, so I googled CZ forums and .22 forums and such. After looking at a few I got to rimfirecentral, and while seemingly off in a distant corner of this Ruger centric site, the CZ group was active as can be and full of very knowledgeable helpful addicts that couldn't stop with just one! Hah, weaklings!!! I gleaned from everywhere that CZ is well made and accurate beyond the price. While they didn't make a stainless version (when camping, who brings cleaning supplies and doesn't expect rain?), they did offer a nickel plate Style with synthetic stock.

I went back to the LGS and asked if they could order one, since I wasn't so sure who to use for FFL etc (remember, I've not shot a gun in decades prior to this and the new rules for mail order surprised me), and their supplier had only one left and no more to be expected. I put some earnest money down and they ordered it. I searched and found that a Mueller APV sounded like a good match in silver finish, bought it online as the LGS doesn't do Mueller, and they mounted it (not well) when the Style came in.

I joined Delano Sportsmens Club as they're the closest rifle range at a low cost of entry, and set up targets at 50 yards to get the scope sited in. I trusted the Remington bullets the LGS sold me would be ok, but that's another story. I got the Style sited in pretty good but it wasn't grouping like folks on the forums were getting, so back to the forums. Well, after getting a box of Federal Automatch and back out to the range, I got quarter size groups at 50 yards, using random 2x4 chunks as a bench rest. Amazon became my friend when I found empty rest bags for cheap. Filled them with turkey grit and back out to Delano. Dime size groups at 50yds!!! For an old guy newbie!!! I swallowed the CZ hook and yanked it firmly in place, that Style is a sweet little tack driver! The kool aide is so sweet!!!

So to further prep for motorcycle touring, I start looking into handguns. Again, being on the road and trail in all sorts of weather I look for what can take the abuse and still function... and end up with a Glock 27. It shoots, it's not too big to have on me most times, ammo isn't cheap by any measure for practice. I start to wonder if I shouldn't have got a 9mm... Summer comes, I've got my carry permit but the G27 isn't a svelt design, so I'm back at the LGS looking for a slim pocketable 9mm. Kinda like the Diamondback Glock clone, but Internet saves me from that mistake, and others, and I end up with a Kahr CM9 instead. I don't shoot it so well however, that long as the mississippi trigger travel keeps me from shooting it well. It goes bang somewhere around New Orleans, but I've developed a flinch somewhere south of St Louis. Nearly 500 rounds and I'm still not as good as I'd like. So I get a NYPD trade in Kahr K9 instead. Love the build, shoots very well, I'm just still flinching. Try joining a combat league to get more practise and still shoot so poorly, I dropped out. Back to Delano and several hundred more rounds and I'm probably digging a deeper hole developing not preventing bad habits.

In the mean time, I've kept with the .22 pistol league, and got so frustrated with my Dad's old High Standard Model B that I was about to go buy a Ruger when along comes a guy recognized and regarded at Metro with a "model 41" for sale. I have no clue what that was, but having just determined to look at another pistol, I paid attention. The guys around that knew the man and the gun and it's rep, were 'salivating' and trying to figure how to come up with the funds without needing a divorce lawyer. The price asked shocked me, but I told him to bring it next week and that I'd like to try it. Back to the forums and I find that the S&W Model 41 is a top of the line target pistol for .22, and the price he was asking was easily in line if not low for its condition (reworked trigger that is so good it's almost psychic). I shoot the next match with it and my score jumps 200 points to 509 of 600. I couldn't part with those bills fast enough to call this beautiful shooter mine! So this gun teaches me to shoot well, so I know I've got some skills, just not with Kahrs.

I shot the Glock better than the Kahrs, but others at the range could shoot the Kahrs really well, so I know it's me. I really want to shoot well in centerfire, so back to the forums. I knew CZ made pistols but hadn't considered them due to larger size than I'd care to carry, but I want a target grade 9mm pistol. Just can't get excited over 1911, though I'm on the fence. Prices seem inflated to me.

The 75B grew on me from what I could read about them (tendencies in overwhelming good press and very little negative press prevail). I wanted full size, metal frame, trigger workable quality accurate 9mm that I could afford. In stainless, can't have it getting rusty. Gotta pamper the 41, which it deserves, but it will never go mc touring with me. The LGS had one for me to look at, the special edition with night sights (probably would have added them anyway) and cocobolo grips that look pretty nice. That pistol fits my hand like it were custom made. The trigger is better than I'd hoped yet needs some TLC. After the takeup there's 3-4 bumps it goes over while the hammer draws back before the seer breaks.

Well, the price was higher than I wanted but the way things are going I don't expect them to go lower any time soon, so I bought. Dang if I can't shoot it well. Poorly enough I brought it to the match last night and asked a couple top shooters to try it and see how it shot for them. It confirmed that the gun is good (sites need drifting) and that I'm what needs improvement.

The 41 has taught me to improve (still does, much better to become) and I'm hoping the CZ75B will also. I've pulled the trigger hundreds of times now to smooth it in while watching TV and it is improving, but I think I'll be getting a better hammer seer and springs. I want to shoot it well in the combat league.

I'm also on the fence about a .45 some day, and part of the choice behind the 75B is the 97B, and its similar build, function and trigger group as the 75B. I'm trying hard not to jump and buy one of the last remaining shiny blued models left (got a thing for stainless) and the other coated finish isn't beauty but speaks serious business with some rust prevention. I really love the beauty of the Model 41 (1970 vintage) finish, so it's tough to not jump on one of the last 97Bs. Not sure it will appreciate, sure it won't depreciate.

A fellow on the CZ forum suggested this forum to see if any local CZ 97B owners would want to try the 75B and perhaps let me try their 97B. I'm still trying to have just one, but that's not a given at this point.

Why is it so hard to resist having several CZs? Anyway, I haven't had enough time to get another CZ pistol, but can't say I won't....

See you around!

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Re: Welcome to the CZ 75B Stainless Club
« Reply #6 on: February 17, 2013, 08:08:14 PM »
I bought mine Saturday last one left is it wrong to just sit a fondle a CZ75 ss  :P

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Re: Welcome to the CZ 75B Stainless Club
« Reply #7 on: February 17, 2013, 10:59:46 PM »
Congrats Freddie!  Nothing wrong with that.  I just bought 2 SS Matte and one SS Polished.  Beautiful pistols.   Which did you get?

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Re: Welcome to the CZ 75B Stainless Club
« Reply #8 on: April 25, 2013, 01:56:05 PM »
Hello everyone!  krepster here from Idaho...  Just joined the ranks yesterday with a SS Matte!  Beautiful gun, couldn't be happier! 
Long story short, I originally bought a P07 Duty but had issues with it as I shared in the P07 section and finally ended up trading it in for this piece of art.  I really liked the feel of the P07 (never got to shoot it unfortunately), but in the end the full steel frame, the heft, the history, and the stainless says much more to me than any polymer could.  Hopefully I'll be able to pass on a well used 75B SS to the next generation someday  ;)

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Re: Welcome to the CZ 75B Stainless Club
« Reply #9 on: July 29, 2013, 01:38:35 AM »
Hi , vfritz from Minnesota!--- it is good to know I am among others who love the 75b stainless!  I have owned mine for about a year and going to the range with this in your case is shear joy!  A fantastic shooter!  I write this in the hopes that some of you might be able to help.  I took my gun to a "gunsmith" to have new sights installed.  When I got it back and took it to the range, I realized after a few rounds that my barrel bushing was gone!  I wasn't able to retrieve it from the range.  The "gunsmith" had neglected to replace the retaining pin back after changing out the sights.  So now I am having a very difficult time finding a replacement barrel bushing!  The gunsmith is of no help and I will never have them do any more work for me!  Does anyone know where I can get my hands on one?  Thanks for any help you can provide. 

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Re: Welcome to the CZ 75B Stainless Club
« Reply #10 on: January 28, 2014, 05:59:15 PM »
Aloha from Hawaii,

I'm trying to join this club, but want to get the Matte stainless with the high beavertail.  I could just order the one CZ offers now, but I love the look of the high beavertail.