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How To Repair Grip Screw Threads

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I finally got around to this project.  If you have stripped or cross threaded grip screw threads in the frame, this is an option for repair.  I bought a 1911 frame bushing tap (10x48, can only find these in Brownell's or Midway) for $19.95 plus postage.

I drilled out the original threads and tapped new threads using the 10x48.  Then install the 1911 bushing using "Red" loctite and torque.  The next step is to mill or grind the bushing flush with the frame.  I'll do this step tomorrow night and post a finished pic.  The other side of the frame has the 1911 bushing screwed in place in lieu of milling down flush, but the pic is not good.

The bushing threads do not extend into the mag well.  In the future if you ever strip the bushing out, simply replace it.  Another advantage is you now have an almost limited choice of grip screws from a multitude of suppliers.  I have a really trick pair of engraved 1911 screws to install on this 97 frame.  As a final note, I must say CZ seems to use a very high grade of steel for their frames. 

Picture of the bushing milled within .001" of contacting the frame:

Pic of custom grip screw installed with CZ wooden grip panel:

That's on way.
The easy way is just use an 8-32 tap in the stripped out M3.5-0.6 hole.
The hole shouldn't be bigger than .133" with all the threads gone, and an 8-32 tap calls for a .136" drill.
M4-0.6 screw will work too, if you prefer metric and can find replacement screws to your liking.

Either way you are buying a tap and new screws

max it:
Hi Ya 'El',
Is that the size M3.5-0.6mm?
I want to change those phillips screws for slotted.
I though I was going to have to find my metric thread gage for this one.
Now all I have to do is locate the screws.

Much obliged,


Schmeky: Are there steel bushings for grip screws in the alloy frames? I'd think stripped screws in allow frames would be much more common. What's the fix for that?


can someone re-host the pics?


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