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FS: CZ Factory Catalogs RAMI Grips. (E.WA)
« on: March 25, 2010, 04:06:56 PM »
Firstly, you get the 2099 and now 2010 CZ-USA
Catalog/Buyer's Guide.

The 2009 version is Sold Out. You can buy the 2010 for $8.99 at local stores.

FREE CZ-USA and CZ factory memorabilia as shown.
New style CZ-USA pin, Decals, P-07 Duty Key Ring and CZUB pin.

CZUB factory catalogs:

CZUB 2009/2010 Catalog in both English ( P-07 Duty, P-01 and VZ58s)
2009 CZUB Military/Police catalog titled as:

Law enforcement Systems. in English, Czech, German and French.

You won't find these anywhere else over here!


CZ-USA Catalogs starting from 2002:

2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008.

FREE CZ Memorabilia!

$30 plus actual shipping/ins.


CZ Factory  Poster set of 4 posters!.

CZ75B, Kadet Kit, All Pistols 2009,

Also the new for 2010:

The CZ Shooting Team (Europe)Awesome Threesome Poster!

So you now get 4 Posters In One Pack!

CZ Factory posters are in pristine to superb condition.
Been in dry storage and are as perfect as you can get
from CZ-USA.
 Measurements Are: 26 inches tall x 18.3 Inches wide with blue borders.
Awesome poster is a bit smaller, but great for your home or office!
 Perfect for framing.

CZ-USA would charge you over  $60, and postage, but they are out of posters, and Only I have the new "Awesome 3some" Posters.

--So, THIS is the very first of my Spring 4 poster sets!

FREE SHIPPING and a FREE CZ-USA black and gold Decal and new CZUB pin-CZ-USA pin with each set.
I'll also throw in a new 75B nickel type Key ring!

Look at all of them here:


CZF MEMBER PRICE for MARCH: $35 Shipped.

US Postal Money or other orders please.
 ( add $3 for Gun Pal)

CZ 2075 RAMI Grips!

These are Bethlehem Olive Wood grips for the RAMI 9mm/.40
pistols, by custom grip maker Omega.

Used only for photos.

I was keeping them but have decided to buy a RAMI P this year.

Look at these grips and others on the OMEGA GRIPS website.

You can buy RAMI grips cheaper, but why?

I'll include the certicate of authenticity card, a CZ-USA pin, CZ factory pin,
CZ-USA decal (yellow) and new CZ-USA
decal (black and Gold)

Aksing $55 Shipped.

I accept Money Orders and Gun Pal.
(add $4)


US Postal Money or other orders please.

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