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Re: What holsters fit the RAMI
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I carry 12:00 IWB with total tucked-shirt concealment with a Crossbreed SuperTuck tweaked to lower all but the hammer and the butt of the extended grip below the belt line.  In a pinch Clinger's Atom works as well, albeit with more belt sag and less pressure-distributing comfort.  Re. comfort, the lower contour of the SuperTuck's leather got trimmed, generally V-shaped, to enable fully comfortable sitting, bending over, etc.  Both holsters are fully RAMI-specific.
Here's a link to Invisible 15 Round RAMI:
Updated posts document the use of taller Kydex FoxX hybrid holster as starting point; I'm now alternating between two clip spacing versions because the symmetrical 12:00 positioning means either fitting between or straddling two belt loops.

Also of possible interest: Punching Above Weight Ontological Certitude;topicseen#msg721599 CGW 1485-T2 Disconnector Installation in CZ 2075 RAMI BD
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