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I have decided to start a thread that details key areas of the CZ action that benefit from smoothing.  The gun in this thread is a CZ Custom Shop SP-01.  It has the comp hammer, tactical sights, 13# hammer spring, and the hammer strut has been contoured and ploished.  I could not test the DA before since my electronic scale only goes to 12#'s and this pistol was off my scale.  Anyway, here's a before pic of the trigger bar:

This is an after pic of the same trigger bar.  The DA disconnector contract area on this trigger bar is the worst I have ever seen.  The tooling used to cut it was worn out.  However, it can still deliver good performance with careful prep and polish.  I use 3M aluminum oxide paper in 400-800-1000 increments, followed by a super fine polishing compound done with a felt wheel mounted on a dremel.  I should be able to see my finger prints in the polished areas of the trigger bar once done, in essence, it's a mirror finish.  I'll work through the action and post pics as I go.



(first pic, and second pic, respectively)

what about corrosion/rusting of fully polished stuff. I do not have access to dremel etc, will 1000 grit aluminum oxide serve the purpose, with a bit of compromise?


be careful on some areas though..the tool marks can be so bad and deep, that if you polish too much to remove all the tool marks you can take too much metal off and affect the timing.

but even with deep tool  marks you can still get a smooth moving action that will be ten times better than stock.

Great Post! Awesome pics! Thanks for the tip, Schmeky!


Is absolutely correct.  If there are deep tool marks, do not attempt to remove them, since it's the smoothness of the area that matters, not the appearance.  This trigger bar has really bad tool marks on the disconnector contact face, so it will get smoothed only, the tool marks will remain.  Here's a pic of just how crude this bar is, but I am finished with this area:


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