Author Topic: how hard is it to get the trigger lighter?  (Read 1065 times)

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how hard is it to get the trigger lighter?
« on: December 12, 2003, 03:50:04 PM »
I like the 100 feel, I just think the trigger is way to heavy.  I don't mind DAO if it is light and smooth.  Any thoughts?
How do you lighten the pull?  From what I've read, almost doesn't seem worth it.

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how hard is it to get the trigger lighter?
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2003, 05:38:28 PM »
In all honesty, the pull lightens on it's own as you wear in the spring. Some shops tie the triggers back with zip ties to stretch the springs out. The pull on my 100 is markedly lighter than the DA pull on my new P-01 ( This is with some 3500 rounds through it plus countless dry firings ) The tougher issue to deal with is usually the grit and the stacking at the end of the pull as the trigger bar is forced under the disconnecter. And the fact that the serrations on the trigger face eat into your finger like rabid poodles. There are tips aplenty here to rectify each of those problems as well. If you must lighten the pull "NOW" then removing 3 or 4 coils from the striker spring will lesson the resistance to the pull. Just go slow or you will be getting soft primer strikes until you can order a new spring. You've got a few CZ's in yer collection if I recall rightly :)  the 100 is the best feeling and best pointing of them all. Just be prepared to tinker till you get it where you like it.


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how hard is it to get the trigger lighter?
« Reply #2 on: December 21, 2003, 02:21:19 PM »
After lots of poking around on my CZ100 (I have since sold it)  I came to the conclusion that alot of the grittyness on the pull came from the firing pin assembly/spring riding in the pin tunnel in the slide.  I thought about having a gunsmith hone the firing pin tunnel to smooth it.... what do you experts think about that as a possible fix? :smokin