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The Classifieds: Rules and Post Limits
« on: May 22, 2012, 11:26:40 AM »
Recently, there have been a number of ads posted by newly joined members, some even being the first, and so far, only, post. While we appreciate that this opens up chances to purchase items for the existing membership, it is also important to realize that this board is not a 'poor man's Gunbroker'. Nor is it simply a place for people to unload their items, never to be heard of again. It is a community for enthusiasts, primarily of the CZ firearm, but also for those who simply enjoy the shooting disciplines for their own sake.

Therefore, the Owners and Management of the board have decided that effective 5/22/12:

The use of the Classifieds to sell items is restricted to members with a post count of 25 or greater. This is monitored by the forum software.

Additionally, please familiarize yourselves with the General Rules contained in the Classified section. HERE

Thank you for your co-operation
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