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Me and my CZ75one day at the range
« on: June 27, 2001, 07:06:25 PM »
Well, I have to be honest with all of you; I have not fired a single shot from any of my handguns for the longest time (years I must say); that is until yesterday. First it was the new baby who took all the available time + work; then it was that promotion at  work, then it was the second baby + work + home schooling the first child, then it was the house (we just bought it)see the big picture.  

I have been waiting to have a day off and be able to go to the range and test that spanking, sexy, satin nickel, .40 girlWell yesterday, the whole world was put on hold, I took a day off from my life, packed that gun, ammo, gear and here we go

The gun is a CZ75B in Satin Nickel finish, chambered for the .40 S&W. The computer generated target that came with it, indicated an accuracy of a five shot 4 group at 25 meters, this according to TULA (who shot the gun at the factory). Now can I do better? 4 at 25 m. seems kind of big for my taste and experience.

Well after setting up the target at 25 feet and loading only five rounds into each of the 2 magazines I had ( seven was the maximum I was able to load, due to serious resistance from the spring, and the loading tool that came with the gun was next to useless); my first group was really wide open, I got a six inches at 9 oclock , subsequent  groups did improve as I got a good feeling for the gun and a totally new caliber for me; yes the  .40 is in a way comparable to .357 magnum, kind of bites your hand, trigger pull at double action was very pleasant, and single action was very smooth, but I kept on anticipating recoil, thus the reason of my 9 oclock groups, not mentioning my flinching (my fear of the unknown .40 caliber).

I took my time, but all I was able to shot was 100 rounds of S&B 180 grains, all with no malfunctions of any type, After my practice, the gun was clean in the inside, no residues from the ammo.  And my groups had improved by a lot, at 25 feet my last 5 shots were grouped into a 1 circle, 4 in the x and one on the 9.  Practice will improve the groups; also, I wont consider the gun broken-in until at least a minimum of 500 rounds run through the gun.

This has proven to be a very accurate, reliable, well made and pleasant gun to shot. Definitely a keeper.  I am glad I made this choice, it has proven me right.