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Ejection problems 2
« on: December 12, 2001, 10:02:11 AM »
Not sure why we need to close threads are start a "part 2" but I have no choice.

The "Part 1" thread is:

the original message is:

Glad I found this list. I just called CZ-usa to order some new parts. I had been meaning for some time to call to get a armourers manual and new grips. However I was pushed into this morning.

This past weekend I went to a defensive drills practice and a bowling pin shoot. during both days I had successive failures to extract. During the defensive drills I really didn't get the chance to examine the malf. because I had to clear them quickly. However I do know that the empty casings were still in the chamber while a new round was trying to load. Heck I had more reliability with my Charles Daly Officers 1911 on Saturday!

On Sunday I did a bowling pin shoot with my compact and my 97b. Once again I had problems with the compact. It did the same thing. It also caused a stovepipe on the last round I fired (not the last round in the mag).

So I called CZ-USA to order a new extractor and spring. I think I talked to a guy named Mike. He asked how many rounds I had through the gun, and I told him about 700 probably. He said to remove the extractor and spring and clean it very well. Said that a problem with this gun design is that carbon will build up on the extractor and cause it to have less tension on the rim of the casing. I ordered a new extractor ($13something) and spring (didn't ask about cost) anyways just in case I need it. At least I can bring them with me to matches etc if there are future problems.

However before purchasing this gun, I had not heard of any such design problem. All guns get dirty, but I would not have thought 700 rounds would start causing a malfunction in a combat/military pistol. I've shot over 1000 rounds easily during classes I've took and have never cleaned the Beretta I used with zero malfunctions all weekend.

So to you compact owners (and I guess fullsize too?) they reccommend removing and cleaning the ejector every 300 rounds! So go get yourself a pin punch and have at it!!!

Also my very top pin that holds the mag retention spring (or whatever that big long piece of steel is called) was always falling out when I was cleaning the gun. He said to lightly smack one end with a hammer to deform it, then insert. That should hold it in better.

Also they had rubber compact grips in stock for only $18! I got a set of those on the way.

So my question to you... anyone else having ejection problems? Or do you all clean more than me? :-)

If I'm going to need to punch this roll pin out every 300 rounds, how many times can it be removed and reused before I need to replace it?



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Ejection problems 2
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2001, 10:29:30 AM »
Finally was able to run more rounds through in different situations. Have not had a single problem yet. The new parts seemed to have done the trick.

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Ejection problems 2
« Reply #2 on: December 18, 2001, 07:56:04 AM »
Super news...glad to hear you got that monkey of your guns, hmmmm.  shoot well