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P-07 9mm, SERPA Holster, Hogue Handall, Mag pouches!
« on: May 04, 2012, 12:54:38 AM »
Hello Everyone, I'm rather new here, but I've been eyeing CZ pistols for quite a while! I sometimes to by OSRc (OldSlowReliable in other forums) but you can call me Travis :)

Anyways, I bought myself my P-07 in the beginning of May, but it arrived after I went out of town, and I was unable to enjoy it until I got back in town this week! So Far I've got about 70 rounds through it of just 115gr S&B FMJ, but I'm falling in love!

Here are some pictures, including the second target I shot, which I was VERY happy with!

I am a big proponent of disaster preparation, and more relevantly being proficient with one's weapon of choice, so my first accessories had to be magazines, holster, ammunition, and anything that would help me get accustomed to the pistol. A quick look around the forum and filling up my midway shopping cart brought me some new accessories!


Blackhawk Serpa Holster!

Hogue Handall!

TruSpec Magazine Pouch!

...and well, another magazine shipped direct from CZ, but that's not really worth photographing for you all ;)

Back on point!

Serpa Holster-

Got this from the recommendation of other members in the holsters thread. Now, I was raised on the premise "use the correct tool for the job and none other", so it took alot for me to spend $35 on something blatantly designed for a different pistol! However, now that I have worn it for a few days, this is fit as if it was made for it! A little awkward to get used to holstering it, as the other holsters I've played with typically require one to guide with the muzzle, whereas this holster it is easier to guide with the trigger guard.
A nice snug fit of both holster>belt, and gun>holster, there is only about a 1/8" wiggle room of the gun sliding a bit further into the holster. Upon depressing the release, the draw is smooth and precise, no hesitations or snags, and when drawn properly the trigger finger ends up resting directly on the stippling above the trigger guard.
One thing I like about the SERPA design, is the adaptability to the shooter. Not only are you provided with a screw-on backplate for either belt loops, OR paddle, both of which are adjustable to your heart's desire.
Good retention, but upon testing it for some other complaints with the design, I found that with enough force the pistol can be brought out of retention, although for my intended use this will hold it plenty!

So, the handall.... very nice! Took some getting without using any easements i.e. windex. Once it got about 1/2" onto the grip, it was fairly easy to wiggle it all the way up. I have been told it made the grip uncomfortably large for others, to the point it is difficult to reach the mag release & slide stop, but YMMV, I personally love it. For my hand size, and the short length of the grip, I have a much better handle on this pistol with the hogue grip, and its far more comfortable! I don't feel like I'm manhandling it so much anymore, and I think for $7.99 its worth the risk!

Finally, the last impulse buy of this midway order...
A double magazine pouch!

For this one, I realized for the Friday night IDPA shoots the club I shoot at, I would need a way to carry magazines, and pockets simply wouldn't do! Unlike my coveted XDm, this pistol came with neither holster nor mag pouch. I decided two magazines plus one in the gun should be good to start, and therefore a double mag pouch would be adequate. I really kinda guessed on this one, and took a chance. This was the biggest surprise, as they fit like they were made for it! This design (aswell as the serpa) can put a loop on either side of my pant's belt loops, making them not slide around (which is fantastic). Furthermore, they feature a double button design for magazines that are tall and short alike. Slightly stiff nylon with a really sturdy construction makes the lids actually hold open quite well for tactical reloads, but I wouldn't hesitate to leave them open and folded into my belt on an IDPA stage, as the magazines have just enough friction to hold them in while upside down, but are smooth as all get-out when desired! This is a little bulky, so I wouldn't necessarily recommend for CC, but I could see carrying these for EDC in an open carry scenario, or where you want secure protection with a little protection against the elements.

Anyways, I won't bore with any more details or opinions, perhaps I'll update with a more detailed opinion of the P-07 itself after the shoot tomorrow night, but I definitely want to get more rounds downrange before I make any hasty judgments!

Night All! Thanks for reading! Go ahead and comment if you want any other photos/dimensions or have any questions!

P.S. Here are the midwayusa serial # of the items if anyone wishes to pursue!

Tru-Gear Double Staggered Mag Pouch Black
Product #: 429449

BlackHawk CQC Serpa Holster Right Hand HK USP Compact Polymer Black
Product #: 611725   

Hogue Handall Universal Slip-On Grip Sleeve Rubber Black
Product #: 662386

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Re: P-07 9mm, SERPA Holster, Hogue Handall, Mag pouches!
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2012, 09:54:10 AM »
This is interesting.

I had purchased a Don Hume leather holster made for a XD 4" and it fit the P-07 perfectly.
Now I learn that the Serpa holster for and HK-C fits perfectly too.

I guess that means that a leather holster for an HK-C also fits the P-07s?

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Re: P-07 9mm, SERPA Holster, Hogue Handall, Mag pouches!
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2012, 08:46:36 PM »
Another item you might want to try for mag carriers can be found at Gander Mountain.

These pouches are made by Outdoor Edge and clip over the belt via a Zytel clip. They come in 4, 4 1/2 & 5 inch. I use the 5" for my 8rd 1911 mags and they are perfect.

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Re: P-07 9mm, SERPA Holster, Hogue Handall, Mag pouches!
« Reply #3 on: September 09, 2012, 10:28:56 AM »
It always amazes me to hear that a holster made for a particular gun fits another one well. How unlikely is that?

Some people bash the SERPA design because in theory stuff like snow or dirt COULD get stuck in the release mechanism and jam it. And apparently some people have managed to knurl their finger inward and touch one of when drawing (no idea how they managed that they must have rubber fingers or be professional contortionists),

I have used a Serpa with my XD9SC for some years now and it still works just fine, it doesn't wear or mold itself to you or your gun's shape which I'd consider a plus because some people have had issues with leather holsters that eventually "collapsed" allowing leather to get bunched up into the trigger guard (with not so desirable results).

Really like the solid retention, when I buckle up my gun belt in the morning the gun sometimes briefly hangs sideways or even upside down but it can not fall out. And the nice audible click when holstering is reassuring.