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SP-01 Gun and Range report
« on: October 18, 2005, 09:50:03 PM »
Here is my range report on the SP-01 I received last week.  Unpacked the gun, field stripped it, for inspection, cleaning and proper lubrication.  I wanted to shoot it stock, out of the box, so I loaded up both 18 round mags and 6 16 round magazines with an assortment of factory and a few reloads.  Off to the range, set up my targets at 25 yards and proceeded to put the gun through its paces.  Strong hand, week hand both hands, rapid fire, slow fire, bullseye style and lots of triple target double taps.  

Out of 133 rounds I experienced 3 FTEs and 2 magazine double feeds, not bad for a new gun the first time out.  With the exception of the trigger and rough action the gun was amazing.  Fast recovery shots due to the extra weight up front and improved balance, extremely accurate and the sights were only about 1 inch off to the right but dead on vertically. All malfunctions were during double taps on multiple targets.

Got back to the shop and tore the gun apart and a complete action job with a 15lbs main spring fit a Miossi Gun Works Hard Sear, and Angus hammer, and lastly an extra power extractor spring.  Done a few days later and back to the range with the same ammo assortment and a couple extra hundred rounds.

With the action job the gun was unbelievable, I have never fired a better balanced gun, even week handed recovery was extremely fast.  Accuracy was even better with the improved action job and sight adjustment. Easily kept all 19 rounds within the 9 and 10 rings at 25 yards on a B8 target shot as if it were timed fire but with both hands.  For an out of the box gun you would think this has a custom Barsto barrel fitted and a tightened frame to slide fit.  Doubles were just as impressive and doubles on multiple targets just blew my mind, this gun points like it was a part of your hand, balance was perfect.  I do not shoot competitively any longer as I am too busy building others guns for that, but it made me feel like I used to when I did compete and practice 4 days a week.

Zero malfunctions out of over 300 rounds. Fit and finish are very good although I do prefer a blued gun, the Polycoat was evenly applied and is a very durable finish.  The stock sights have proper sight picture with the correct front width for the rear notch.  If you prefer black sights you can either use sight black out spray or better yet a set of Angus competition sights.  Either way the sights are well matched and dead on.

In conclusion this gun is well executed in every area but the heavy and creepy action.  Although I prefer the aesthetic lines of the 75/85, the SP-01 with the M3 rail and full length dust cover make this gun balance perfectly in the shooters hands.  The slightly extended slide stop may help those with smaller hands, it was a non issue to me and did not extend too far back that my thumb would contact it with my two handed grip.  The new trigger style will please some and some will not prefer it over the 75/85 trigger style, I am still out on this one and will leave it as is for now, if I want a longer pull I will just put in a 75/85 trigger.  The lanyard loop mainspring cap is fine with me but again if you dont like it just replace it with a75/85 style cap.  I think this will be a gun in very high demand and we will be seeing more CZs replacing other guns on the competition scene, local range and gun shop show cases.  This gun is well worth every penny.


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SP-01 Gun and Range report
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2006, 09:17:19 AM »
Nice review Jim, thanks! :D

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Re: SP-01 Gun and Range report
« Reply #2 on: January 25, 2010, 04:32:16 PM »
Totally agree 100%. I shoot 1911 and Glock for more than 10yrs and never had any excitement to shoot any different pistol flatform, but when I shoot the SP-01 the first time, everything has change and since then Sp-01 is my favorite shooting pistol.

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Re: SP-01 Gun and Range report
« Reply #3 on: April 22, 2010, 08:37:31 PM »
a very well written review!

ive never thought of myself as having small hands, but my thumb cant reach the slide release on my SP-01. (my onley complaint about the pistol)


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Re: SP-01 Gun and Range report
« Reply #4 on: June 08, 2013, 08:21:03 PM »
Nice review, thanks for taking the time to write it. 

I was leaning towards purchasing a cz 85b, as I am lefthanded, and at the time I thought the cz75b was the pistol to go with if purchasing a 9mm.  A few questions for those who have this handgun, or simply know a good bit about it.

1)  The Sp-01 is in fact the newest of the CZ line, correct?  If so, what separates it from the standard cz-75b?

2)  Does the Sp-01 have ambidextrous capabilities like the 85b?  And I guess the main things that are important are the mag release, and safety.  If those two parts are ambidextrous, then I can start putting all my focus on the Sp-01, instead of the 85. 

Thanks!   And excuse me if my terminology isn't the best, I am a noobie at this stuff.  Learning fast though!  Watch out :D