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Making Magic - Cajunizing the Pre-B.

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Birds Away:
This thread will be about upgrading my transitional pre-B with parts from Cajun Gun Works.  What we want to attempt to show is the reduction in trigger pull weight with each step in the process.  I acknowledge that trigger pull weight is not the be all and end all of a gun.  There are elements of the trigger pull that cannot be quantified by numbers.  I would also like to acknowledge my good friend, llh1956, who will be doing all of the grunt work making all of the upgrades, doing the polishing and tuning and taking the pictures.  He is not a professional gunsmith.  He's just a guy like me who loves CZs.  Unlike me, he actually has some mechanical inclination and is able to actually keep track of all of these little parts and can ensure they end up where they are supposed to.  He has performed these upgrades on probably 6 to 8 guns for me and a similar number for himself and his results have always exceeded my expectations.  Our arrangement is that he performs these upgrades for me and I purchase extra parts for use in his guns.  Works out great for both of us.  So without further ado...

I purchased this CZ 75 transitional pre-B on Gunbroker.  Total expenditure for the purchase, shipping and transfer was $360.
We took her to the range on Tuesday evening and did some test firing.  This gun is well-used but not abused.  She functioned fine with no problems with feeding, ejecting, etc.  I used Blazer Brass for the tests and my only comment was that, for a couple of guys in their 50's, the stock sights have seen better days.  This will be fixed in time.  Other than that the gun was as accurate as you would expect for this model and although the DA was long the SA was shorter than I expected.  I suppose that is from extensive use.  Anyway, after the test fire llh1956 put the gun on the trigger gauge. He did the 10 pull average using a Lyman Digital Trigger Pull gauge. With the stock mainspring single action was 4Lbs 8oz, He then installed the CGW 11.5 mainspring and the average of 10 pulls was 3Lbs 15 oz.  Having a sub 4# pull by only changing the mainspring surprised both of us as we are used to doing upgrades on newer guns.  So this should be interesting.  Here is his photo of the gun broken down.

I will post the steps he has planned here, hopefully, later today.  This should be interesting and I hope you all enjoy the thread.

Nice, any idea on what all he is going to do? If so you should list it and mark them off one by one or is he just gonna keep going until you get the desired trigger pull your looking for.

Also any plans on competing with this gun? If not that opens up some more parts and mods.

Birds Away:
Yes, I am going to post the list later today.  I sometimes forget some of the parts so I wanted to check with him and make sure I had it all covered.  I am planning to compete with this gun.  I know many will say that it is illegal and they are correct.  Let me say that I compete for fun and with my skill level I am in no danger of beating any dedicated competitive shooters.  Where we shoot does not do an inspection of the gun.  I pay my $20 and shoot the courses with some friends and relatives.  We have a good time and always finish well within the bottom half.  If they tell me I have to shoot in a different class I won't really care because I am shooting against myself.  My accuracy is very good but my speed is not.  I want to see incremental improvement and I have so far. 

Sounds like the best of both world's to me, every upgrade still on the table but your working towards improving your skills. I'm off to work now was just curious what all was going to be on your list, if you don't mind when I get home later tonight I'll/others will look over your list and add anything we can thing of.  O0 This could get you in trouble tho it might be a mile long.

Birds Away:
The following upgrades are planned:  Polishing the action, installation of new disconnector, race hammer, adjustable sear, extended firing pin, reduced power firing pin spring, reduced power trigger return spring, removable trigger pin, 85c trigger and an 11.5# mainspring.  This will include all of the associated pins and springs which are associated with these parts.  I intend to also add a F/O front and EZ drift rear sight.  Oh, of course, she will soon be sporting Hogue wraparound finger groove grips.


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