Czechmate Airsoft?

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Was the KWC CZ75 TS Czechmate Airsoft ever made available in the US?

--- Quote ---Kien Well Toy Industrial Co., LTD in Taiwan have released a gas blow-back airsoft replica of the Ceska Zbrojovka 75 Tactical Sports Czechmate pistol. Recently introduced by firearms manufacturer Ceska Zbrojovka, the real CZ 75 TS Czechmate is a competition variant of the CZ 75 TS pistol; equipped with a compensator and electronic red dot sight on a frame mount, it is designed especially for the International Practical Shooting Confederation: Open Division.[1] Of full metal construction, KWC's model features CZ markings, a 22 round capacity magazine, and a muzzle velocity of 390 fps using CO2 gas. For now, the pistol is available for purchase at airsoft shop Salomon Equipment.

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--- End quote ---

... my guess 'no'  :(   I just couldn't find anything. Grabbed for now a Tanfoglio Gold Custom airsoft.

as a followup - still never saw one in the US. But did finally see them become available at RedWolf Airsoft. (I don't know how long ago, I just recently checked). Two models, figured if I was going to be paying BIG on shipping, I'd get one of each :-)

KWC Model 75 Full Metal KCB88AHN (no scope mount)
KWC Model 75 Competition Model  KCB89AHN (scope mount and 'compensator')

Both very similar to the Tanfoglio Gold Airsoft we can get here including squared trigger guard, but the magazine is slightly different (different part number), and the grip and magwell are very much like the Czechmate.

Nice!  IIRC, the price isn't that far off what I paid for my KWA KZ-75, although that gun is a green gas and the KWP gun is CO2.

BA Glover:
Do you guys use these to train or for competition or just general plinking?



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