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Give yourselves a pat on the back
« on: January 31, 2003, 01:16:39 AM »
I've been reading various other forums on various other types of pistols such as Gl*ck and S*g...and I have to say that the postings on this site, this forum in particular are from people who actually like to shoot, not buy guns and then brag about they got the tactical nickel slide finish with the teflon lubed laser sight along with the night sights and the latest Death Star ammo capable of destroying small planets in the night sky.  They spend so much friggin money on their guns that they are no longer in the bounds of practicality or even sanity.  God forbid if i am so scared to scratch my gun that I wont draw it from my rare Bolo Shark Skin Custom made Deluxe Holster that can mount behind my neck...Did you notice the sarcasm?  Anyhow, my compliments guys.  I will be sworn in march as a LEO and as such, functionality takes precident over bragability.  You guys seem very down to earth and have useful advice.  I don't have to search through polls of why such and such is the best pistol, instead I get practical advice on proper bullet grainage to hit POA.  Cheers guys and keep the good advice rolling.  By the way, I have owned a Glock 23 and currently own 2 Sigs and carry one (not mine) as a duty weapon.  My comments are concerning the forum, not the weapons.  Besides, you really would be hard pressed to find a sweeter trigger than that of the PCR.:D

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Give yourselves a pat on the back
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2003, 09:37:47 AM »
I agree with your view of the CZ forum.  I'm a member of another forum where the attitude is somewhat "different" from here.  On that forum if you express an opinion you'd better be ready to be flamed.  However, when you read posts it's easy to pick out the shooters from the talkers.  This forum has a bunch of shooters.

Another thing, at this point I've done business with 3 people on this forum, people I've never met, but in each case I've been dealt with in a super manner.  This speaks volumes about the quality of the membership.

Agree, the PCR is one sweet gun.  I haven't seen the P01 and frankly before I bought one I'd buy another PCR.

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Give yourselves a pat on the back
« Reply #2 on: February 01, 2003, 08:51:37 AM »
You are SOOOOO welcome here! :D   :rollin  ;)   I agree...having been a previous wannabe death star shooter (kidding :rolleyes  )  I understand completely.....Ive got 2 PCR's One custom and one oem......The Custom is getting more custom every day.....I just checkered the back and front strap, grooved the front strap....took the sharp edges of of the frame..and redid the beavertail...ALOT.....Ill finish it and post some pics.....Shoot well and welcome again.