Author Topic: PCR/P-01/CZ100 for CCW  (Read 975 times)

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PCR/P-01/CZ100 for CCW
« on: December 09, 2002, 10:13:16 PM »
A local dealer has good prices on a PCR, P-01, and CZ100. I've tried them all in dry fire mode and love how similar the PCR and P-01 are to my CZ 75B. The ergonomics of the CZ100 are wonderful and the trigger, while long, is smooth and light, not the least gritty. I'm torn between the DA/SA mode of the PCR or P-01 and its similarity to the 75B but I like the trigger control inherent in the CZ100, plus the grip in the latter is fantastic. The P-01 feels a bit "nose heavy" to me, so I prefer slightly the PCR between those similar guns, but what to do with the CZ100? Is the CZ100 any more or less accurate or less durable than the PCR? I've left a downpayment on the PCR, as the dealer said it was the last one he could get and I know this gun is becoming scarce. All thoughts appreciated. I very much enjoy the CZ Forum.

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PCR/P-01/CZ100 for CCW
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2002, 04:49:12 PM »

I have a pcr and have shot the did the right choice by putting money on the pcr...they are hard to find....later you can pick up a 100 if you still want but i guarentee you will be happy with the pcr!!!!!


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PCR/P-01/CZ100 for CCW
« Reply #2 on: December 27, 2002, 08:40:37 PM »
I've noticed that my accuracy suffers with DA only hanguns.

I have a P-01 (with an M-6) and because I like it so much, I have purchased a PCR as well.  In Virginia you can only buy one handgun every 30 days, hence the wait for the PCR.  I was lucky to find one with production having now been halted.  I am well impressed with the accuracy, price point and build quality of the CZ line.

I have a Sig P232 (DA/SA) as my daily carry piece, and a Taurus PT-138 (DA only) as well, and much prefer the DA/SA action to the DA only.

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PCR/P-01/CZ100 for CCW
« Reply #3 on: December 28, 2002, 11:50:44 AM »
If I was making the choice I would get the PCR, simply because it is one heck of a gun and they are becoming difficult to find.  Later if you want an inexpensive handgun to beat around the CZ100 would be a good choice.