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How to Tune, Smooth and Upgrade the P-07/P-09

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Been trying to get this done for some time, so sorry for the delay.  We are attempting to show everyone how to achieve a spectacular P-07/09 at home with step-by-step pictures.  We have found a few areas that need to be addressed to correct some factory shortcomings common in virtually all service pistols.

Here are the main parts we are going to reuse and smooth.  Notice the disco, FP block lever, and other parts are missing.  We won't show these since the pistols performance is somewhat compromised by trying to make these work to get max results.

These are the parts we are not going to reuse:

These are the parts we are going to replace the OEM parts with:

We are asked often how we polish the internals.  It's really quite simple.  We take 1/8" steel rods (an old 1/8" drill bit installed upside down works well) installed in a dremel.  We then tear off 3/4" wide X 4" long strips of 400 wet/dry and 2000 wet/dry.  We use a small piece of masking tape to stick one end of the 400 or 2000 to the steel rod and wrap it.  This makes the perfect sanding "drum"; as the end piece gets worn, just tear it off and you have a new cutting edge.  We run the dremel at the slowest speed:

First thing to address before the parts smoothing is how to fix the stacking DA.  We have observed many P series and they all suffer from the same problem.  This pic is of the frame laying on the RH side.  The first pic is of the trigger bar spring.  It's always badly over tensioned.  Notice where the end of the spring is presently;  causes the DA to stack badly. 

Now notice where the trigger bar support spring is after we have reduced the tension.  The difference is quite significant and makes the DA much better.  Just changing to CGW springs and making this simple mod can make your P series feel like a different pistol.

Here's a brand new trigger bar.  Look at the rear and you can already see a high spot visible by the wear on the finish.  When parts are stamped out of sheet metal (as is the P series trigger bar), the stamping die causes the steel to form sharp edges on the outside of the trigger bar.  In essence, the bar is not flat, it is more concave or bowl shaped.  We want the trigger bar flat and smooth.

So you can see just how "unflat" the trigger bar is, here is a pic of stoning the bar lightly.  You can see the where the edges are higher creating drag and a rough DA.

Here's a nice flat, properly prepped trigger bar.

We plan to supplement this thread in the next week or so with upgraded pics and descriptions.   We have already taken the pics, just need some time to organize and improve the flow of the upgrades.

From the volume of calls and e-mails we have received, we realized this thread has become more popular than we had ever anticipated.

Pineywoods Rooter:
I know I've read some info about the DA roller and timing issues but can't find anything now.  Can you tell us a little bit about it and how your roller-bearing fixes it?  Thanks


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