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A lot of you are curious of how most CZ 75 series pistols works.
In my case, I finally understood how a CZ pistol works from reading a lot here.
It is true that pictures says a lot. However if you can animate it, is even better to fully understand it. I  found a animation but did not show the details. So, I decided to make my own. It is not perfect, but at least gives you an idea how it works :)
NOTE: I have slowed the GIF so that you can see it better

  Updated versions and added CZ 75B SA single action only cycle.

  Minor update to correct some minor mistakes.  Image resized

  Major revision due to a major mistake on the animation. See post #41 for explanation.
  Added CZ P09 Pistol
  Added a Close up and simplified version of the  Omega trigger action

  Added a Close up and simplified version of the 75B trigger action

  Uploaded the animations from other image host.

  Updated version of Close up and simplified version of Omega Trigger Action.

  Added CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1.  Full and close up version.

  Added CZ BREN 805 S1 Pistol.  Full and Close up version.

  Added CZ 75 BD detailed hammer decocking.

Thank you. that is very informative. appreciate you work on this.

No problem.  It is my intent to share it so that the first time CZ pistol owners can understand how it works.  To be honest, I cheated a bit when I found the "old" armorers manual that shows part of the cut out view.  The rest was from pictures and scaled to match the work.

What magic spell is this?!? The picture is moving!

This needs to be a sticky in the gunsmithing section so we can tell future generations that it's the dark blue thingy not the red duhhicky.

I am in awe of this kinda a stuff, great job.

Nice job


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