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75SA Holsters & Mag Pouches
« on: July 08, 2002, 06:48:54 AM »
For Gary and other CZ75SA and 75B.40 owners.

Cen-Dex now offers the IDPA STORM and other models
for these guns.

I'm CZuper happy with my STORM .45/10MM Witness holster, and the CZ75B I.W.B & magazine pouch..just like Hakan is so thrilled with his.

Alongside others who are proud Cen_Dex customers..
even quite a few Canadian CZFers.

I'd like to see Cen_Dex products in use in S.Africa..
so maybe a few holsters will go down there.You never know;)

Next Up??  The Cen-Dex Tactical Holsters..i'm counting
the days:)

More Cen-dex info and new the cen-dex banner.