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Binary ftf next round
« on: December 06, 2019, 11:54:16 AM »
Hey all, I like quite a few others I’ve read about have the Franklin binary and it chooses to run simi more often then not.

I’ve watched a video on the sear spring being the issue, but has anyone found a spring that works?

I’ve sent 500 rounds down with this trigger and so far maybe 20 of them went binary. Kinda crap results but I have been shooting 124gr +p’s the whole time and so far without my can on. I tried firing from a bipod just to try to take the recoil out of the picture but it appears to be worse if I brace the pistol. This make sense with the video I saw and the fact I get more binary function when holding it loosely.

I have no problem working on this trigger myself but would love a pointer towards some replacement spring that would make this thing work. And no I haven’t reached out to Franklin because I did swap the 10lb trigger spring for a 4 lb I had and figured that’d be the first thing they say. But I have a buddy with the same gun and springs shooting 115gr and 124gr +p with no issue, suppressed.

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