Author Topic: Kadet kit on P-01 update  (Read 860 times)

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Kadet kit on P-01 update
« on: May 22, 2007, 06:14:51 AM »
This gun is too much fun!  After fitting it to a P-01, this conversion unit has functioned flawlessly. Accuracy is astounding with bulk pack ammunition. I switched the slide stop from a PCR so the slide now locks back on an empty magazine and replaced the magazine baseplates with those from 10 rd. compact magazines to eliminate the gap between the baseplate and the compact grip.
            Yesterday I thought I would try Remington subsonic HP's in it. To my surprise, the pistol functioned perfectly. The rounds grouped into a dime sized hole at 25'. While not exactly quiet, thelr report is noticeably less than HV rounds.
            To date, this combination has fed and fired everything I've loaded in the magazine. Ammunition includes Remington and Federal bulk pack (Wal-Mart stock), CCI Mini-Mags, and Remington subsonic.
            As a big bonus, I notice the trigger is getting  better and better with each range session. With 9mm going for $8 per 50 and .22 at $8 per 550, it's easy to understand why everyone should have one of these kits for inexpensive practice with their favorite CZ.
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