Author Topic: Cartridge Selection in Search of a Uniform Theory  (Read 101 times)

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Cartridge Selection in Search of a Uniform Theory
« on: June 05, 2019, 02:30:21 PM »
My primary carry lately is a Steyr M9A1. So, I set out to find which self defense ammo I had on hand that shot best to point of aim. (I had already nudged the rear sights a smidge right for AE124gr and Wolf 115gr practice ammo). What I think I discovered was that low speed bullets seemed to print to the left, average velocity bullets seemed to hit closest to center and high speed bullets seem to print to the right. I like the Steyr triangle sights for getting on target quickly, but I am not accurate using them for trying to get tight groups. Targets were shot at twenty yards, in three, 5-shot strings, using a rest with three different hold styles. I have concluded that I am not good at shooting pistols from a rest. Nonetheless, the results are below. I hope to repeat this drill with a P10c.

Chrono results


HST 147                1007

Fed Hi-Shok 147       979

AE 124 FMJ        1085          (Not SD just testing the theory)

Rem BB 124        1076        


9BPLE 115 +p+        1319        

HST 124 +p        1209