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new to me 85 trade in
« on: June 11, 2017, 11:02:34 AM »
So this is the cz85 I picked up it is a Czech police trade in. It is a 1992 and only wear is holster wear. Stripped it cleaned it shot it. Received with two mags which rattle like maracas. I have to say I have shot a few makes and models over the years and this blows them all away. I don't know if the trigger was worked on but in single action it is the nicest trigger I have found. Double action however is crap. My hands shake trying to pull it. I was going to trick it out but I think I will just shoot t as is. My only real complaint is the safety. I have short thumbs and I can not work the safety on or off without changing my grip. Do they sell extended releases? Any way how about some pis.

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Re: new to me 85 trade in
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Try CZ Custom or CGW.  I know the 85 combat safety lever is not extended but has a slightly different configuration that might be easier to reach.
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