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vietnam aluminum grip cz 50
« on: March 08, 2017, 11:32:55 AM »

Apparently I suck at posting pics. This is the link that I hopes work. I only have 3 pictures posted but have many more.

From research there are only 3 in existence including mine. The first guy to get one got one from a Nam vet saying he got it from a shot down Mig.

The second guy and I doubt it came from a Mig based on the recovery site he claims. However it looks like definitely chinese fabrication on the aluminum grips. Mine was in absolute immaculate shape. The other two show significant wear from possible jungle use and corrosive ammo.

All 3 serial numbers are not close. However all are original first run model 50's and all 3 are also all bring-backs. non import marked supossively from Vietnam. Does any one have any more info on these?



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Re: vietnam aluminum grip cz 50
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Re: vietnam aluminum grip cz 50
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Wow, that's very cool. Sorry I can't help.

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Re: vietnam aluminum grip cz 50
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Found this post after starting my recent topic. Sorry mods, this didn’t come up using search.
I hope you are still active here. My pistol serial number is only 14 away from yours.
Very close indeed!
I have Mr. Browns book but I can’t find any reference to these grips.
Such an interesting and lucky find!

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