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Re: Alliant Sport Pistol powder
« Reply #135 on: May 13, 2020, 11:46:33 PM »
So I got out and shot my first 9mm Sport Pistol load development.  I've burned about 12lbs of Sport Pistol in 40.  I actually haven't shot 9mm at all for some time.  My local club is trying to get a Steel Challenge match going so I am going to bring out the SP-01 Tactical and ring some steel!

Caliber:  9mm
Bullets:  Black and Blue 125gr Hitek Coated RN - Length = 0.591
Brass:  Winchester
Powder:  Alliant Sport Pistol (3.5 gr to 3.9 gr)
Max Velocity:  1066 fps
Primer:  Winchester Small Pistol
OAL:  1.075 inch
Seating Depth: 0.256
Pistol:  SP-01 Tactical
Qty:  10 rounds each, slow fired two groups of 5
Distance:  10 yd
Weather:  60F and windy, 5 PM light
Chrono:  Caldwell G1

Load (gr)     Avg Vel (fps)          ST Dev (fps)          Range (fps)         Spread (in)
3.5                996                         11.8                        28.5                       1.6
3.6                1018                       10.1                        24.5                       1.4
3.7                1035                         6.3                        16.0                       1.9
3.8                1054                         6.3                        15.0                       1.3
3.9                1072                         6.4                        16.5                       1.8  Max Load

• I had numerous strings where the 1st shot fired was low then the rest were touching or close to it.  I'm not sure if it was me but I haven't had this happen before.  I was really focusing on the trigger pull and trying to get accurate shots.
• This powder burned clean.
• I am going to load up at 3.8 gr for USPSA minor, the low ST Dev and accuracy was good at this charge.
• I didn't see any signs of pressure with any of these loads.

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Re: Load Testing: Alliant Sport Pistol powder
« Reply #136 on: May 14, 2020, 10:44:06 AM »
Great report. Thanks for filling in the 9mm with Lead gap.
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